Hello everyone! Please read this is you're wondering when the next chapter of project X, Y, or Z is going to be released. First, read the rules in the Announcements section of the forum to know when it's acceptable to politely inquire after the state of a series.

I am speaking not as a moderator (I promise I will make no threats in this post) but as a fellow fan of EGS projects, and a devoted supporter of their work for the last 5+ years at the time of this first writing. Recently, I have noticed an influx of posts wondering whether project X was dropped, or when the last chapter of project Y will be released, and whether project Z has enough staff, and if so, why is it taking so long?

Generally, I understand that fans have a special place in their hearts for their favorite projects, and are invested in the continuation of their stories. That understanding however, does not mean that anyone at EGS appreciates being asked when their work will be released or why they are working so slow.

Please remember that the staff at EGS does not owe you anything, and they are not paid nor compensated for the time they spend working on the projects that you've come to love (and been able to love only through the fruits of their hard work). While it may feel like EGS has promised you a release of this project or that project every week or every other week, in reality, there is no requirement of any of the staff to do what they do.

You may not mean anything malicious or presumptuous by your inquiry, but the demand without assistance or involvement is extremely rude and ungrateful, even if unintentionally so. You exist in a community of hundreds, all of whom would like to see projects released faster. That community includes the staff. When everyone in that community asks when the next chapter is coming, and only a handful have any assistance to give toward that goal, the question becomes more and more irritating for those being asked.

Please be thoughtful of the staff, even when you are panicked that you might not get your next manga fix before the week is out. The next chapter will be released. If not, the staff will let you know. Please, have patience.

Thanks guys!