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Thread: Official Raws & Spoilers And Latest Chapter Discussion For Volume 8

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    I can't believe I never made the connection that the Bloster clan were the cupids. Now their soul weapon name (Amore) makes so much sense.

    I don't know what direction the authors are going with Muzaka still wanting to destroy humans. I mean at the very least the authors aren't copping out with such a huge 1v1 showdown between Rai and Muzaka, but Muzaka's reasoning is horrible and at worst could still be applied to the remaining werewolves. By his own reasonings, he should as well destroy both.

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    Trying to think of a crazy way to understand Muzaka...

    How long has Muzaka been awake? From his perspective, it seems like Ashleen was just killed. His emotions are still raw. No surprise that a WWolf would feel angry & want to act out by killing all those perceived as enemies. He also feels betrayed by best buddy forever ♥️ Rai for not having his back on this. After all, Muzakaís human (Ashleen) is far more important than other humans (who are all guilty of being complicit in Ashleenís murder, from Mís point of view). How can Rai possibly defend those killers?!? After all, Muzaka is only seeking justice for Ashleen, (although it is just waaaaaay overblown vigilante style kill everyone who even breathed the same air or ever existed on the same planet as the killers, regardless of how many generations might separate them over time....). Still, Justice must be served, even if it means losing his best buddy forever 💔.

    Speculation/ possible spoiler if it turns out to be anywhere close to the truth...
    If only there was something left behind by Ashleen (insert sounds of heartbeat) that could somehow trigger a cathartic release of anger and convert it into a more positive, protective type feeling... like fatherly caretaker type feelings... (insert scene of Muzaka messing up M-21ís hair & taking the reluctant young pup under his wing)...

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    Perhaps we may be reading Muzaka wrong.
    Up until now Rai seems to have resigned himself to passing quietly into eternal sleep, now that the crisis is over and "The Noblesse" seems to to no longer be needed. Muzaka just gave him good reason to continue living; and maybe even forced his hand to try something drastic, even un-Noblesse-like to gain enough strength to defeat a previous WW Lord.

    Could Muzaka be trying to force Rai to use a blood stone to restore his life force?

    Edit: Why are they writing Muzaka that way? (whiny voice)
    I'm starting to think Noblesse will not have a happy ending.
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