Kamusta mga Kaibigan!
(Hello Friends!)

Walruz Here,
Male from Philippines
I love reading manga, books, ebooks, comics, graphic novels (which most of it I dowloaded from various sharing sites) and listening to music. I like manga with good art and illustrations, and of course with a good story. My favorite genre is SOL. But I also read any manga.

My favorite international music band are the "The Beatles" and my favorite band from my country are the "Eraserheads". If you have free time, please do check them on youtube. For a start listen to their song "With A Smile", "Lightyears".

I sometimes draw when I'm in the mood.

I found about EGS one time in a manga that I read. I love EGS released manga, it's high quality.

Tha'ts all, thanks for welcoming me here.

Salamat! :)