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Thread: Blood and Steel / Downloads and Discussion

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    Hi, Thanks for this amazing manhua.
    I think there is a mistake in the "characters" page 004-005 of volume 12 chapter 61.
    The descriptions for Wudang disciples Xi Xiaoyan and Chen Duxiu are wrong. (They are just copies of the Yang Zhenru description)


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    Glad to see this series is still going well!

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    Wow! Great to see that this series has been activated again. For me, this is a great story, because it reminds me of the Wuxia comics I read as a kid... it has a very "classical" flavour in terms of its themes, the notable exception being the introduction of foreign characters....

    I read this when you guys first released it a long time ago, so I had to reread it to refresh my memory of what's gone before.

    Translation note: The translation of 巴蜀 as Prachaub in Chapter 4 is incorrect. It should just be 'Bashu'. Prachaub is a place in Thailand. 巴蜀 is another name for Sichuan Province, because in pre-Qin times, there were two independent kingdoms there, one called, 'Ba' and another called, 'Shu'. Here's the wikipedia article:

    If you guys need a temporary proof-reader or even translator, feel free to contact me, as I want to support fan translations.

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