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Thread: Japanese Translators test and how to apply

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    Japanese Translators test and how to apply

    You don't need any experience in manga scanlation to apply for this position, but you need to be fluent in the Japanese language.

    (And if your English isn't top-notch, don't worry about it because that's what proofreaders are for!)

    You can download the Japanese Translator test below:
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    You will see 2 options there
    1 with furigana
    1 without furigana

    Choose the one that will best portray your abilities in Japanese translating, and send it to us by email :)

    Send your application to joinegs[at] and you'll hear from us as soon as possible! (within 3-7 days)

    Please have this as the Subject of your application email:
    [APPLICATION] -Japanese Translator- your nick

    And include the following info that we would like to know about you in your application:

    Manga interests?
    What kind of projects you generally like to work with and if there is anything you don't like doing. (Seinen /shounen /shoujo?)

    A specific manga interest?
    Are there any specific EGS projects that you would like to work on? If yes, please tell us which one(s).

    Are you reliable?
    Can we count on you to deliver the project that will be assigned to you or is it in your character to disappear while it's half done?

    The nickname you would like your work to be credited to.

    Are you in any other group(s)? If yes, which one(s)?
    If you have previous experience in manga translation, you MIGHT be able to skip the test if you show us samples of your previous works.

    Why would you like to join Easy Going Scans?
    Tell us a bit about yourself, where you're from, why you chose our group to apply for this position, and how you came across our group
    This makes it easier for us to know exactly what you're interested in doing for us, and will make it faster for YOU to receive a reply!

    Also Important:
    The downloaded files are .rar archives, so you will need a program to open such files, e.g. as winrar or 7-zip for windows, or unrarx for mac.
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    Can i still apply even if i dont download? Because i tryed to download and this thing came up with a bunch of squiggly letters and number that said Notepad.

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    SoulEatz, did you see the files on that link? That link should take you to a mediafire folder. You will see some files with .rar extensions, and you will need winrar or any of its equivalents to open the file of your choice. You cannot open that file using notepad

    I hope this helps

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    Soul Eatz try to download 7-zip or`s the same as winrar but it`s free and does not need license or buy...
    good luck with japanese translation....

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    OPEN Positions

    JTL needed for the following projects

    • Kyou Kara Hitman
    • Sidooh
    • Jin
    • Saiyuki Gaiden
    • Piano no Mori
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    To all those who sent us his/her application, so sorry but we will be replying late for a while.
    the admins who check the App are a bit busy~
    your crazy cleaner~
    the project finisher!

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    Hey! I know it says you're still looking for translators, but I was wondering if there were any projects in particular that need Japanese translators right now? Thanks!

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    Piano no Mori is the most urgent right now but it's a weekly release and there are 6 more volumes to go so think carefully whether you're willing to commit
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