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Thread: Latest movie(s) you've seen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holmgren View Post
    I've seen Justice League recently. It's not as bad as people say it is, but I wish there was a bit more to the plot. It was pretty basic.
    I'm a DC fan, it was really bad. I guess people who are fans of DC would agree... it should've been a lot much more better, and what's more important is that it definitely COULD have been!

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    Justice League was fine. A nice movie in my opinion. Not the greatest of all time but a nice one nonetheless. Yes, it could have been better, but it could also have been worse (i.e. Batman vs Superman).
    Also, remember that a movie like "Batman & Robin" once saw the light. Justice League, in comparison, is at the level of "7 samurai".

    The last movie I saw, though, was Thor Ragnarok. Absolutely funny!
    I mean, no one in the movie takes himself/herself seriously, from the first scene! It's full of cameos and inside jokes, providing a nice 2 hours of relax and laughter, without being campy or too over the top.

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    Maze Runner just yesterday. Now, before you think- 'what? Ell watches this stuff???', I do not and I was just taken pretty much by force by my best friend... It is the 3rd one she is taking me to...
    God, thank you for finishing those shitty teen movies and insuring I don not have to see one again in my life....

    I really liked Thor Ragnarok. I should watch it again some time xD
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