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Thread: Feng Shen Ji Mini Wikia

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    Feng Shen Ji Mini Wikia

    DISCLAIMER: Names under Spoiler Tags are "NOT" final, incase you discover any discrepancies regarding names/descriptions/whatnot of non-spoiler contents, please make a post and i will try to update it.

    World of Feng Shen Ji

    #1 Realm of Men

    - Zhao Ge
    Capital of Shang Dynasty, sacked after the death of Emperor Zhou.
    - Hao Jin
    Capital of Zhou Dynasty
    - Borderlands
    Town governed by Shi Xing.
    - Northern Mountain Mines
    Owned by Li Jin, where Ah Gou, Bai Cai, Ah Shi and Jiang Shang worked as slaves.
    - TaiYin Mountain Harbor

    Current refuge of the Fallen Gods after they were forced to evacuate from their previous hideout.


    - Dark One's City
    A city founded north of the Dynasty of Zhou, at the origin of the great river, a place called foreign realms, ruled by the Dark Ones and Local tribes through a representative system designed by Ah Gou.

    #2 Gods' Domain

    - Crystal Mountain
    Situated at the center of the Gods' Domain, a mountain formed by rare blood crystals, a restricted area even for the Gods, a place where any visionary abilities were blocked.
    - Sacred Ground
    A wide area where the Gods live, it held places like Sage Hall, Floating Corridor, Garden of the Light and Hall of Creation etc.
    - Ruin of the Sea
    Entrance to the Gods' Domain, a place at sea filled with Giant Statue of Former well accomplished Gods.
    - World's End

    Prison of the Gods, at the edge of the Gods' Domain.

    #3 Hell
    - Icy Plain
    A place of eternal snow.
    - Fire Plain
    A place of eternal drought.
    - Black River
    Dark, filthy river covering much of Hell's surface.
    - Underground Street

    Center of the Dark Ones, somewhere underground.

    #4 Phantom Island


    - Wan Qu City -
    A hidden city inside the Phantom Island, where very few outsiders has ever been, home to the people of Wan Qu.
    - Xu Wu's Core -

    A place where no one has ever been, not even the people of Wan Qu, center of Xu Wu's power, the origin of the corruption.
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    Powers in Feng Shen Ji

    #1 Divine Power
    Power unique to the Gods. Most of the Gods gain the ability to wield their power at a very young age, referred to as their divine revelation. A skilled divine power wielder is often present to guide individuals through their divine revelation, insuring their divine power remains under control.

    - Monochrome
    Rarest of all the divine powers, used to suppress sound, smell, strength, and even light rendering all forms of attack powerless.
    - Seer's Vision
    6th sense, telepathy and thought sharing, with the more powerful wielders of this divine power even able to see into the future and predict the outcome of events.
    - Indestructible
    Greatly increases one's combat prowess, used primarily to empower one's offensive or defensive capabilities.
    - Underworld
    A dark power that controls all types of poisonous substances or decay, some can reach the stage to control death.
    - Heaven and Earth
    A power that controls the celestial elements of the world, using nature as weapon.
    - Primordial Strength
    Unique amongst the divine powers, only available to ancient divine beasts.
    - Eternal Life
    Mastery over the secret of life, often used for healing or regeneration type of abilities.
    - Asura
    A power that can summon the spiritual beings of beasts to fight, with the strength of the summoned beast dependent on the level of the divine power.

    #2 Smelting Aura
    A powerful, yet invisible aura that rules the Phantom Island. Any human gifted with the Mind’s Eye, the ability to see the movement of Smelting Aura, can master its use, granting the ability to forge objects with it. The more adept one is at the art, the more Real the object becomes, with masters of the Smelting Aura able to combine other elements in to their creations to further increase their destructive properties or to reinforce them. For example the fire that can vaporize the Transcendent vigor.

    - Sword Aura
    Powerful Smelting Aura technique unique to Zi Yu,
    manifesting in one of two different forms: the bronze sword or the fiery sword.
    - Fist Aura
    Powerful Smelting Aura technique unique to Li Jin.
    - Body Reinforcement

    Powerful Smelting Aura technique unique to Ah Gou, which replaces his original body part and greatly increases its offensive capabilities.


    - Wonderous Gate of Divination
    Powerful Smelting Aura Technique unique to Jiang Shang, a combination of Smelting Aura and Divination Formations.
    - Secret Art of the Heavenly Cloth
    Secret Smelting Aura Technique only known to the citizens of Wan Qu, Later also learned by Ne Zha and Jiang Shang, it covers user with a protective type of battle armor, greatly enhances one's combat prowness.
    - Secret Art of the Shifting Star
    Secret Smelting Aura Technique to open the link between the two realms - Phantom Island and the Realm of Men.
    - Secret Art of the Rebirth
    Secret Smelting Aura Technique
    to transform a human into Smelting Aura, usually used as nutrient for citizens of Wan Qu, however the alternative version of this technique allows a human to gain the ability to learn the other secret techniques.

    #3 Soul Power
    Power used by the Dark Ones through the process of igniting their soul. It is possible, under the right circumstances, for humans to learn this as well.

    - Vanishing Art
    A Dark One's movement technique, with the speed and distance achieved linked to skill-level.
    - Soaring Avian Art
    A Dark One's teleportation technique, with the distance traveled linked to amount of will power.
    - Soul Link Art
    A Dark One's communication technique achieved by sharing one's memories through touch, this is the most sincere and honest way of communication between friends.
    - Soul Gear
    A weapon chosen by the Dark One's Warrior to combine their soul powers with, it differs from person to person.


    - Spiritization
    A Dark Ones' warrior can gain power by igniting their soul, and by sending that power into their Soul Gear, they can significantly increase its destructive power, even changing its shape.
    - Limit Break
    The extreme version of Spiritization, by pushing one's soul power to its limit, the Soul Gear can obtain even greater power, there is no physical restriction to the form or shape of the weapon during this state.
    - Soul Transfer Art

    Dark One's Warrior can transfer their own soul to another, and increase their power.

    #4 Mantra
    A power that can be used by Gods, Human and the Dark Ones at the cost of one's life force, soul, or transcendent vigor.

    - Forbidden Arts
    A particular technique able to control the Spirits of Corrosion, often demanding a high cost of the user.
    - Fire Mantra
    A very powerful Mantra spell, known to a very selected few, that grants the target with powerful attacks, however it cost the caster alot of transcendent vigor.
    - Lightning Mantra
    A powerful Mantra spell that grants the target the power to strike with lightning.
    - Curse of the Soul Usurper
    A curse to wipe out one's memory, costing transcendent vigor to cast.
    - Mark of Death
    A powerful curse to transform someone into a ferocious beast that knows nothing but fighting,
    immortality and rapid regeneration are also gained in the process, costing a significant amount of transcendent vigor to cast.
    - Spirit Sealing Formation

    A curse to temporarily seal off the regenerative power of spirits.
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    Main Protagonist - Ah Gou

    Character Traits:

    #1 Intelligence:
    Wu Geng is a highly intelligent, tactical combatant. His intelligence and improvisational abilities allow him to challenge foes far more powerful than himself.

    #2 Endurance:
    He displays great endurance, shown when he is still capable of fighting after being struck several times by Shi Xing.

    #3 Inventiveness:
    Wu Geng has effectively used weapons he created himself in battle, including cannons and smoke bombs.

    #4 Bad Mannered:
    Wu Geng has an ego the size of a mountain and shameless boasting is part of his daily repertoire. He also likes to spew out endless curses during his fights and makes the most stupid comments known to man at times.


    #1 Fire Mantra
    Given by Fu Yi, however no longer active after he lost his left arm during his Divine Revelation.

    #2 Divine Power

    - Monochrome
    Supresses the life-force and power of all things in the user's vicinity. The monochromatic aura can cut the power of a great god by half, kill a lesser god, and even cause substantial damage to the surrounding environment.
    - Monochromatic Wall
    Counters all offensive forces, shielding the user from enemy attacks. The wall's power is such that even Shi Xing struggled to shatter it.

    - Monochrome: Dark Wall
    An advanced version of monochromatic wall, a powerful defensive ability.
    - Monochromatic Dark Prison
    An offensive form of his divine power, used to heavily restrict his opponents movement and trap them in place.
    - Monochromatic True Dark Prison

    The extreme version of his regular Dark Prison, an all out attack leaveing himself completely vulnerable to anything else, however it can lock down enemy completely and lower their defenses, due to the amount of divine power required, he loses the ability to use smelting aura while this is activated.

    #3 Smelting Aura

    - Regular Arm
    An arm forged with Smelting Aura, it can withstand any form of blunt attacks and deliver powerful punches.


    - Golden Gauntlet
    Golden Gauntlet, an empowered version of his smelting aura technique, it significantly increases his offensive capabilities.


    #4 Soul Power

    - Vanishing Arts
    Same as the other Dark Ones, however he is not as adept in it as Bai Cai.
    - Dark Cannon
    Fast Agile, good for close combat.
    - Dark Cannon Spritualized
    More powerful, capable of firing two different type of projectiles:
    Sun Wheel Rounds - High power and damage.
    Moon Wheel Rounds - High speed and homing.

    - Sun Wheel War Cannon (Reinforced)
    Immensely powerful but has zero mobility and tracking ability, can only be used in conjuction with True Dark Prison.
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    The current Gods are all created by Tian by replacing the soul of a human child with the transcendent vigor of the Ancient Gods, that is why the newly created Gods are just like the humans, they are both mortals unlike Tian himself, but their life span is much longer, about 200-300 years. The total population of the Gods is only somewhere in the three thousand, but due to their high survival rate and longevity, they don't have the need to reproduce at a rapid rate, hence their numbers are low. Under normal circumstances they would only mate with one of their own, even though their appearance are very similar to that of the Humans, the offspring through the union of the two races can rarely reach adulthood, and never can they reproduce, therefore the surviving Gods are all of puur blood.

    #1 Tian

    Also known as the Black Dragon, Master of the Gods, the most powerful and the last remaining Ancient God, by wiping out all the Ancient Gods and Ancient Dark Ones on his own, he has become the ultimate being of this world. He can even wield several divine powers at the same time.

    Divine Power: Monochrome
    Divine Power: Heaven and Earth - Thunderstrike
    Divine Skill: White Wall
    Divine Weapon: Blood Spear

    Symbiotic Twin Dragons: One can breath fire, the other can swallow the light.

    #2 Ancient Gods

    - Pan Gu
    Master of the Ancient Gods, powerful wielder of the Divine Power: Seer's Vision, reincarnated through the body of Shen Yen.
    - White Dragon
    Black Dragon, Tian's wife, she was killed by the other Ancient Gods, however her transcendent vigor was kept in tact and stored within the blood crystals that formed the Crystal Mountain.
    - Yellow Dragon
    - Blue Dragon
    - Red Dragon


    #3 Great Gods of the Six Affliations And High Priest

    - High Priest Xin Yue Kui

    Gods' High Priest
    Divine Power: Seer's Vision - Prediction
    Mantra: Spirits of Corrosion

    - Tian Kui of Fighting affliation
    God's strongest warrior, Shi Xing's Teacher
    Divine Power: The Indestructible - Indestructible Dominion, Crushing Mountain
    Divine Skill: Heavenly Star Crushing Mountain

    - Gui Mu of Plague affliation
    Divine Power: The Underworld - Underworld's Death Aura, Poisonous Locust Swarm, Venom Claws of Death
    Divine Skill: Unknown

    - Tai Ji of Fire affliation
    He and Liu Yue are lovers
    Divine Power: Unknown
    Divine Skill: Unknown

    - Liu Yue of Rain affliation
    Divine Power: Unknown
    Divine Power: Unknown

    - Zhui Ri of Lightning affliation
    He has a crush on Bai Cai.
    Divine Power: Heaven and Earth - Deity of Wind and Thunder - Celestrial Wrath Shaking the Earth
    Divine Skill: Unknown

    - Shi Xing of Ferocious affliation
    Divine Power: Asura - Desolate Wolves, Dark Wolves
    Changes in to
    Divine Power: Primordial Strength - Burning Sky Blazing Wings, Burning Earth Blazing Wings, Burning Heart Blazing Wings

    #4 Sage Hall

    - Great Elder Shen Yen
    Divine Power: Seer's Vision
    Divine Skill: Unknown

    - Sage King Bai Lian
    Divine Power: The Underworld - Deadly Spiritual Aura of Purification
    Divine Skill: Desolated Pool of Bloody Lotus

    - Sage King Tian Wu
    Divine Power: Heaven and Earth - World's Fury
    Divine Skill: Zhen Wu's Great Thunderclap

    - Sage King Xuan Feng

    Divine Power: Heaven and Earth - Silver Winged Sky Piercer
    Divine Skill: True Void

    - Sage King Zhen Chan
    Divine Power: Eternal Life - Reflection of the Moon,
    True Form of the Arhat
    Divine Skill: Wheel of Judgment

    - Sage King Lan Yue
    Divine Power: Unknown (but he has two)
    Divine Skill: Unknown


    - Sage King Zi Ri
    Originally a foot soldier, little brother of Sage King Lan Yue, after receiving the ancient transcendent vigor, he had risen through the ranks, and due to Zhen Chan's absence, he was then promoted to be a Sage King.
    Divine Power: The Indestructible
    Divine Skill: Indestructible Guard
    Weapons: Sword and Shield.

    - Gods' Hundred Companions

    #5 Fallen Gods
    - Fu Yi
    - Kong Que
    - Yun ZhongZi
    - Ah Lan
    - Zi Dian
    - Yuan Yi
    - Xiao YaoZi

    - Zi Dian
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    - Zi Yu
    - Bai Cai
    - Ah Shi
    - Jiang Shang
    - Li Jin
    - Ne Zha
    - Emperor Zhou
    - Da Ji
    - Ji Fa
    - Ji Qiao
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    Dark Ones

    - Grand Marshal NiTian ErXing
    - SuiFeng QiWu
    - TieXue WuShuang
    - ZongHeng TianXia
    - BuWen BuWen
    - GuiMei SenLin
    - CangBai DeLian
    - HanFeng LinLin
    - DaChi SiFang
    - SiWang YenShen
    - MuWu BiaoQing
    - XinXin YouLei
    - LuanWu KuangDao
    - HaiKuo TianKong
    - Ah Rou
    - YongHeng ZhiYe
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    Citizens of Wan Qu

    - World Tree
    - Shi Ji
    - Holy One Bai Yu
    - Holy One Long Jing
    - Holy One Hei Tie
    - Holy One Ku Ye
    - Holy One Quan Dao
    - Holy One Bu Nu
    - Xu Wu

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    #1 Season I
    The Emperor of Shang, who defied the ruler of the gods, is killed by Tian, but not before displaying godlike power. His son, the half-god half-human Wu Geng, avoids a similar fate by having his soul transferred into the corpse of a slave. After the fall of the capital of Shang, Wu Geng, now known as Ah Gou, is captured and transported to the Northern Mountain Mines to mine bloodstone for the gods. There he meets a mysterious old man, which turns out to be his grandfather, who bestows him with a mantra, a seal of power. He escapes after four years of enslavement and joins up with the Fallen Ones, a group of gods led by his grandfather who oppose the ruling gods.

    The Fallen Ones begin training Wu Geng to use his mantra, but a party of ruling gods soon attacks their camp. During the ensuing battle, Wu Geng activates his divine power, Monochrome, for the first time. Unfortunately, he loses his left arm and his mantra in the process. He is later captured by the immortal god, Shi Xing, and taken to the Ghost City. There he meets up with his uncle Zi Yu, and together they defeat Shi Xing. Wu Geng then seeks out the surviving members of the Fallen Gods before leaving with Zi Yu to train in the art of smelting aura on the Phantom Island.

    #2 Season II

    #3 Season III
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