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Thread: Top 5 EGS Projects

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    Piano no mori (best story in simplicity)

    Noblesse(need any explanation ?)

    Feng sheng ji (art is just amazing)

    Gunka (most amazing shounen in recent readings)

    Rainbow (another beautiful story)

    out of these I am incharge of two projects....

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    waka waka
    Mirror Girl
    Red String
    Diamond Dust
    Wake up Deadman

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    Canadia, eh?
    My faves, in no particular order:

    Piano no Mori
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    Toads! Annarasumanara!

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    Egscans really has excellent taste in finding non-mainstream hidden gems.

    There are a lot more than 5 series that I love from Egscans, of course, but I'll list these 5:
    • Gunka no Balzer: It had been a long time since I came across a series where I absolutely Had to turn every page to get the next part. This series is amazing. It has gorgeous art, a main character who's simultaneously badass and funny (in the sense that he keeps getting into all sorts of situations), and it addresses the many aspects of war including economy, diplomacy, shifts in technology And the accompanying change in mentality, etc. Balzer is a genius, but the series doesn't make things easy for him. On the contrary, it neither dumbs down the main character nor the situations he faces.
    • Song of the Long March: This series, it's so gorgeous! I was skeptical at first when I read reviews that it had one of the best female characters ever, but the reviews were right! The main character is simultaneously strong, intelligent, witty and charismatic, but she is also getting a whole lot of character development on Top of that, gaining wisdom and strength.
    • Jin: Okay, a brain surgeon gets sent back into time. You don't know what to expect, right? But this series is awesome. The art is really detailed, and the operations are even more intense than most Shounen battle moments. The characters are really interesting, and you feel like you're learning a whole lot about the history of medicine (said history makes you so much more appreciative of recent medical advances, too). This is surprisingly interesting. Check it out.
    • Kokou no Hito: Whoa, this series starts of Shounen-ish, but it's anything but later on. This series has perhaps one of the most intense depictions of an introvert I've seen anywhere, and combined with amazing art, it creates a super intense atmosphere. When the main character is alone on the snowy peaks, you can practically feel yourself being chilled to the bones, and fully experience both his internal and external struggles. Amazing series. Warning: may give heart attacks. It achieves a level of fright that even more horror stories can't convey.
    • Kiss Wood: Wow, I've always had a special fondness for this one. You don't often get old protagonists, so that alone caught my attention at first, but what's this, a murderous forest? Usually these green areas are portrayed as some sort of utopia, I was struck by the savage portrayal in this one. And yet, this is a gorgeous series, with gorgeous art and interesting characters. It's short, but I think of this one quite fondly.

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    Leecher Leecher Tornado GeGe Black Dragon's Avatar
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    1) City of Darkness
    2) Feng Shen Ji
    3) Noblesse
    4) Heroes of Spring & Autumn
    5) The Lawless

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    1. Piano no Mori ( honestly super glad someone took this project I've wanted to read it ever since I saw it in since I read Hikaru no go 7 yrs ago)
    2. nobless
    3. gunjou senki(!!!!!!!! Please more of this manga!!!!!)(everyone I know thats read this love this manga!!) please increase priority for this manga

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    messing around
    1. Piano no Mori
    2. Song of the Long March
    3. City of Dead Sorcerer
    4. Legend of the Sun Knight
    5. Bungou Stray Dogs

    Yes I'm totally biased.
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    It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
    Honzuki no Gekokujou (the kawaii compels you!)
    Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san
    Gunka no Baltzar
    Shihou Sekai no Ou
    Chojin Gakuen.

    Damn straight I'm biased.
    If you see this person, please tell him to stop fooling around and to get back to work.
    Thank you, The Management

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    I don't think it is biased, since we work on the manga we like o.0
    Dont remember if I ever added mine, but if not, here they are-
    1) Gunka no Baltzar
    2) Aruosumente
    3) Gunjou Senki
    4) Samurai Ragazzi
    5) Brave 10 s

    All which I work on XD (I have more, but I could add only 5 ^^)
    your crazy cleaner~
    the project finisher!

    Goals for this year-
    1)Finish Donten ni warau DONE
    2)Finish AnK. 17/34
    3)Finish Kamisama dolls. 67/72
    4)Finish Happy if you died <3 42/61.5
    5)Finish Pochi Kuro DONE
    6)Finish Samurai Ragazzi 32/39

    Help make it come true! ^^

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