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Thread: Donten ni Warau Gaiden / Downloads and Discussion

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    Donten ni Warau Gaiden / Downloads and Discussion

    Title: Donten ni Warau Gaiden
    Action, Historical, Shoujo, Supernatural
    Reading order:
    Right to left
    KARAKARA Kemuri
    KARAKARA Kemuri
    Status in Country of Origin:
    2 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Description: A tale left untold in the main story starts.

    Project Status:

    Volume 1
    Chapter 1 > released
    Chapter 2 > released
    Chapter 3 > released
    Chapter 4 > released
    Chapter 5 > released

    Volume 2
    Chapter 6 > released
    Chapter 7 > released
    Chapter 8 > released

    Volume 3
    Chapter 9 > released

    Broken link? Report it here
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH for your hard work!! I'm very happy that I got to read Donten ni Warau and now its sequel thanks to you guys. Aside from your amazing translations and efforts, I'm also very impressed by the fonts you choose. They stay true to the overall feel of the story. :)

    I'm very happy that you released chapter 11 of Donten ni Warau Gaiden. I just learned that there's actually chapter 10.5, where Hirari and Ashiya talk and interact. I'm sorry to bother you, but where could I read and download your scanlated chapter 10.5?? If you're working on it, take your time. I also wanted to remind you about this extra chapter in case you forgot about it. ^^

    I'm very thankful for your hard work. :) Happy belated sixth year anniversary!!
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    We don't have a chapter 10.5... didn't know there should be... if someone could find us raws of it, it would be very helpful.

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    was just wondering if this will help you? I found it when I was looking for information regarding the official volume release. Keep up the great work! Thank you all for your dedication!!

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    Thank you for your work, but when will the new chapters come out? It's almost a year from last released chapter. And please tell me how many chapters are in this manga?

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    Not sure how many chapters are out there, but I can tell you we are missing the raws for this one >_<
    That is why it is so late~
    your crazy cleaner~
    the project finisher!

    Goals for this year-
    1)Finish Donten ni warau DONE
    2)Finish AnK. 17/34
    3)Finish Kamisama dolls. 67/72
    4)Finish Happy if you died <3 40/61.5
    5)Finish Pochi Kuro DONE
    6)Finish Samurai Ragazzi 30/39

    Help make it come true! ^^

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