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  • FAQ (Answers to your questions)

    Can I recommend a manga/manhwa/manhua for you to scanlate?
    Sure, if you have a suggestion for us, please feel free to recommend here !

    When the next chapter of _______ will be released?
    Never ask us this question. It will be released when it's ready.
    What will happen if you keep asking this question while spamming? B_A_N will happen!
    (However, it is socially acceptable to carefully inquire the status of a project that hasn't been released in over two months. We will give a honest reply in that case. HURR DURR moar Noblesse/GoH/ID/Insertprojecthere -> Instaban.)

    Are you guys open for joints?
    Of course, we’re open for joints. As long as you're an “easy going” group and you don’t give us headaches, or torture us, lol. Just send us an email easygoingscans[at]gmail[dot]com with the details and what your group is willing to do for a project [cleaning, tl, proofing..etc]

    Where can I find your releases?
    You can find our releases in our:
    Manga viewer

    Are you guys recruiting new staff?
    Sure of course! You just have to apply and pass a small test for whatever position you are interested in.

    I would like to donate to your group is that possible?
    Yes, all donations are appreciated!! Please note that we are a non-profit scanlation group and all donations will be used to buy manga/manhwa etc and and paying our server costs.

    Can I use scans or translation from the _______ series you currently scanlate and translate it in another language?
    Yes, but you have to ask for our permission 1st by creating a post here
    Lately several groups from the same target language have been doing same project and we dont want this to happen.
    Generally, whoever ask for our permission 1st gets it ~ Unless very rare occasions.

    How easy is it to get a BAN on our forums? Very easy!
    We have prepared an easy guide for you to follow and you will be banned in no time!
    Follow this link HERE for more information

    Can I upload your releases on manga reading sites? - NO -
    We DO NOT ALLOW any site that is trying to make a profit from our free labor and hobby, host our releases.
    All the rest you have to ask for OUR PERMISSION 1st.

    IF permission is granted, then yes as long as you don’t remove or alter anything from the file and have a 24 hour delay after our release.

    Some examples of sites that do not have our permision to host our releases you can see below:
    - Webtoon Live do not have our permission to host any of our projects
    - Mangafox do not have our permission to host any of our projects
    - Mangareader do not have our permission to host any of our projects
    - mangahere do not have our permission to host any of our projects
    - mangacow aka mangapirate do not have our permission to host any of our projects

    Why did you pick up project XXX it's boring I don't like it blabla...

    Every series we pick up to scanlate it means we like it. If YOU don't like it then DON'T READ IT.

    Users coming to our forums or chat to nag how they don't like a series we do, will not be treated well.... aka B_A_N

    We only welcome positive feedback. Thank you.

    Do you have a question that is not answered here?
    Then start a topic in here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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