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Guide: BBCode 1- The basics and formatting your posts

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  • Guide: BBCode 1- The basics and formatting your posts

    The EGS forums make use of BB Code to format posts. In this guide, I will go over what exactly BB Code is what useful tools it gives you.

    What is BB Code?

    BB Code stands for Bulletin Board Code. It is a markup language that is used to format posts in HTML languages.

    BB Codes are short commands written in square boxes "[]" to start and "[/]" to finish. The most common BB Codes are used to bold text, make lists, align left, centre right, etc. Many of these codes appear in your tool bar above where you enter post text:

    Click image for larger version

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    Combining BB Codes

    BB Codes can be combined to make certain effects. For example, if I wanted to make bold and underlined text, I would have to type
    HTML Code:
    Typing this will display as this in your post.

    There is an easier way to bold and underline text, which is to click the buttons in your toolbar. This is important to keep in mind for more complex combinations of BB Code, such as can be found in my How to use spoilers guide.

    Available BB Codes

    There is a list of all available BB Codes on this forum and examples of how to use them here so take a look and try to get used to the different commands!

    For those who do not understand all the BB Codes, please refer to my other two guides on how to use spoilers and how to use quote boxes.

    Stargaze3's Guide on how to make signatures and include images within them is also an extension of BB Code use and a very useful application!

    I hope that this guide helps. If there are any questions, feel free to post them here. If, however, you would like a new guide for another topic, please post here
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    Cool I add your guide to the part where I mention BB code :)



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      Thank you Stargaze3!! It would be great if all these guides can be linked together, since we seem to be mentioning similar things!

      Hmm... This guide is pretty daunting when I look at it though... I wonder if I should split it into two or three separate threads...

      EDIT: Done
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        Never mind saw you created a who new section for them.
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          The image of the message box in the first post, with the buttons and smilies; How do I get this box to show up when I am posting? Even when I click go advanced, I only get a plane box with no buttons or smilies.


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            Really? Could you take a screenshot? I will try to find out why. That is my standard posting box, so I am not sure why it wouldn't appear... but I will take a look and see what might be wrong.


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              print screen
              Attached Files


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                Go to
                Or: Settings > General Settings > Miscellaneous Options > Message Editor Interface > Select Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing > Save Changes

                You're probably on simple text box mode ^^

                (Edit: and I suggest you use firefox or chrome ^^)


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                  Yay! it works!

                  Thank you!


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                    Small gripe...

                    A very minor annoyance that it's lacking but it's just something that I noticed when I was doing a creating a new thread.

                    The BBCode for a horizontal line is missing. Usually it's [HR]. Would be a useful, albeit as previously said, very minor addition to the forum.

                    I usually use it to seperate information that is easily researched online (e.g. manga summary, links to sites for purchases, etc) and my own opinions on the matter. :)

                    Bow To Your Death.


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                      You can do an hr this way:
                      HTML Code:
                      To replace color you can use an hexadecimal code or something like "black" or "red".
                      [HR] alone doesn't work because vbulletin always need a closing tag.