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  • Guide: Forum layout- Where to find your thread

    So, today, I thought I would write a short guide on how to navigate the forums. If you are having trouble finding something, then this is the place to ask.

    The first thing to know is that the forums are broken into a number of different areas.

    1. First of all, you have your personal area.
    This includes your
    -private messages
    The parts circled in red refer to the personal sections of the forum.
    Click image for larger version

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    In the top right, you will see:
    HTML Code:
    Welcome <your username> | Notifications | My Profile | Log Out
    click on your name at the top of the forum display.
    Click either on "<your username>" or "My Profile" to see your profile. Profiles are public, so you can see and leave messages on your own profile or others' profiles. You can also see who the latest 10 people to visit the profile were in the bottom left of that screen.

    Of more interest might be the "Notifications". The two types of notifications you will probably be receiving are for "Private Messages" and for "Visitor Messages". Anytime someone sends you a new message, either through the private messaging service or on your profile, you will be notified by a "(1)" appearing beside a highlighted "Notifications".

    You can also access your Private Messages through the Notifications drop down menu when you have no new messages.

    The final button on your top right control bar is "Log Out" which will sign you out of EGS, restricting your ability to view profiles and post on the forums. Please sign in again to continue.

    The two other circles in the forum header are "Private messages" that brings you to your inbox and the "forum actions" drop down menu, which gives you three options
    Click image for larger version

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    -Mark forums read: ***this is actually a very useful tool***. When you click on this, you will clear all the dark blue bubbles and darkened threads in the forum that notify you of new posts you have not viewed. After resetting your unviewed threads, new posts will make the squares beside their threads/sub-forums turn blue, so that you can navigate to the newest interesting posts~
    -General Settings: This will bring you to the page you see in the picture background where you have a number of options to modify your forum experience as well as how others see you.
    -Edit Profile: This will allow you to edit your profile settings, eg, your profile picture and avatar. Try exploring the settings menu on the left of your screen for more options~

    2. Second, we will explore the main section of the forums!
    This is the main section of the forums. Much of it is straightforward but I will give a break down.

    First, the forums are subdivided into:
    -Announcements, news and feedback, which contains
    • Rules
    • EGS announcements
    • Reporting on missing download links or other problems with the site that need to be repaired
    • Guides for the forums
    • Translating into another language? Post your requests here, we will be happy to see you spread these fabulous manga and manwha~

    -Welcome and general talk forums
    , which contains
    • This is the general discussion thread. Talk about anything you want, whether it be anime, manga (non-EGS releases, since egs releases have their own forums below) or anything else you want to talk about!
    • The introduction threads for new members in the community
    • A number of polls to vote in and discuss
    • Games
    • Cosplay, for anyone who wants to discuss their favourite cosplayers, costumes and conventions~

    -Art and writers' forum
    , which contains
    • Home of the EGS Art Contest and EGS Writing Contest
    • A place where all the talented individuals in the easy going forums community, whether artists or writers post their works and are showered with praise
    • This is also a place where writers and artists try to help each other out, commenting on each others works, sharing their advice and improving in their own skills

    -Project discussion and downloads
    , which contains
    • A forum for each one of EGS's projects, active, complete or dropped.
    • Discussion threads for all EGS projects
    • The Noblesse sub-forum is home to the Monthly Zodiac Competition and Noblesse Games.

    • Details on what exactly the staff in the EGS team do and how to apply
    And before we move on, I would like to bring attention to two things. The first is the archive view of the forums that can be found on the bottom right of the forum pages. Clicking on "Archive" will give you an easily navigable format of the forums if you are trying to search for something but just can't seem to find it~

    The second is the forums search bar at the top right of your screen on the right of the forum header. Typing in a thread name or keyword will often find you what you need!

    3. Third, we have the "what's going on box"

    One very useful tool is the "What's going on" box at the bottom of the main page.
    Click image for larger version

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    This box will give you a lot of information about what's happening in the forums. The currently active users, will show you which other users are online and, if you press on the "xx users online" you will be brought to a page what other people are doing.
    (Note that if you do not want to appear to other users in this section, just change your settings to "invisible mode" under profile settings.)

    Below this is the section "Today's Events". This section displays any events that have been posted on the calendars. In the Easy Going Scans forums, any member can post an event on the "Easy Going Calendar", however, the events will be moderated before they are displayed. This section is usually used to notify members of the contests currently going on or of polls for voting in them. Check this out regularly to see if there is anything in which you can participate.

    Below there is a section "Today's Birthdays". If you have input your birthday and changed your settings to "display birthday" in your profile settings, your username will appear here on your birthday. You can also see who else has their birthday on this day.

    4. Fourth, the calendars
    Both "Today's Events" and "Today's Birthdays" are linked to the forum Calendars.

    Click image for larger version

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    There is more than one calendar, so make sure you select the calendar you want to use. To do this go to the drop down menu, "Calendar Picker" in the top right and select the calendar.

    The default calendar is "EGS Release Calendar" which will show you the EGS releases which are updated every day. Some series have schedules or tend to come out on the same day of the week, so you can check these dates.

    The other calendar that everyone has access to is the "Easy Going Calendar". The Easy Going Calendar is where all the birthdays that are set to display in the forums are listed and events are made about whatever is currently happening in the forums. Common examples include the Art Writing and Zodiac contest schedules, for participation or voting.

    And there you have a small tour of the EGS forums! I hope you find all you need~
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