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10 Easy ways to get yourself banned from the EGS Land

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  • 10 Easy ways to get yourself banned from the EGS Land

    As you all know, we're easy going people and we'd like to provide a community with an easy going atmosphere. We do have a couple of rules everybody should follow though, in order to keep that easy going spirit alive.

    However, if you're suicidal enough to incur our divine wrath, simply follow this easy 10 step program:

    1. Spamming and advertizing.

    2. Posting 18+ contents or any links leading to them outside the appropriate forums.

    3. Requesting mod/admin status without any significant contribution towards the community

    4. Harassing moderators, staff and administrators.

    Excessive trolling.
    (Excessive trolling as defined by the mods. Just use your common sense.)

    6. Insulting or disrespecting other forum users.

    7. Circumventing bans by using alternative nicks and proxies. (instant global banhammer, not only in our forum)

    Linking to other groups and/or manga readers.
    (Take that outside our sacred halls.

    Promoting any illegal activities.
    (Yes, linking to unlicensed releases of licensed series is illegal.)

    Asking when the next chapter is coming out/whether we've dropped a series
    . (It is socially acceptable to carefully inquire the status of a project that hasn't been released in over two months. We will give a honest reply in that case. HURR DURR moar Noblesse/GoH/ID/Insertprojecthere -> Instaban.)

    These rules are valid in the entire EGniverse. Yes, this includes the catbox. No, you can't appeal a ban because you didn't read this page. Tough luck, bro.
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