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Guide: IRC 1 - Basics of Internet Relay Chat

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  • Guide: IRC 1 - Basics of Internet Relay Chat

    Quick Details
    So, you're already a veteran of IRC? Here's a quick list of our details:

    EG channel: #eg

    What is IRC?

    According to wikipedia, IRC is:

    Originally posted by wikipedia
    A protocol for real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfer, including file sharing.
    Some groups, such as Easy Going Scans use Internet Relay Chat both to communicate, between staff as well as with readers as well as to offer an alternate system for downloads. Besides manga scanlation, IRC is widely used for a variety of purposes and is one of the most popular and convenient chat platforms for large, public channels.

    However, at first, IRC can be daunting. You have to find the server and channel you want to go to and used to have to download an application for it. Not only that but navigating channels can be tricky, because you have to learn basic commands.

    Use of IRC is completely free! You do not have to pay anything for this service.

    I assure you it is relatively easy as long as you have an idea what you are getting into. So below, I will show you a few ways to cope and learn the basics of IRC.

    Choosing a connection method

    The easiest way to log into IRC is to use a browser application (methods 1 or 2). Browser application IRC chats are usually very simple and easy to use, so are a great choice when you are beginning.

    Method 1: Webchat (very easy)
    Link for webchat (default channel set to #eg)

    Webchat has a clean layout and is very simple to use. Just hit the link above, enter your username and click connect~

    Method 2: Mibbit Webchat (easy)
    Mibbit is slightly more complex but follows the same principle of logging in quickly over a browser.

    Link for Mibbit

    After opening the link,
    1. Click the small text right of the frog, where it says
    Originally posted by mibbit site
    Want to launch mibbit without an accout? Launch mibbit
    2. You will use the box in the centre. By default the server should be set to "mibbit".
    Change this to ""
    3. Type in a nickname
    4. Type #eg for the channel
    5. Press connect

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    If you are feeling confident, or want to use IRC for more purposes than chatting, then you will have to download an application with more capabilities. Here are two very good ones, although there are others like xchat that are also very powerful tools.

    Method 3: Chatzilla (intermediate)
    For those of you who use firefox and want to try out a slightly more comprehensive IRC application, you can download the chatzilla extension.

    After installation, open firefox and go to ----> tools---> ChatZilla
    After you open it, type "/server"
    and after connection, type "/join #eg"

    Method 4: mIRC (advanced)
    mIRC is not related to any browser. It is a stand alone application. So your first step is to download mIRC from HERE

    Next, you will have to configure the application. To do this,
    1. Open "File -> Select server"
    2. Click "Add" and fill in the following details
    Description: random server
    IRC server:
    Ports: 6660-6669
    Group: IRCHighway
    3. Now click "add" then double click the new server you made
    4. You should now be in the "connect" tab where you can add a nickname and press "connect"
    5. In the new window, after connecting, type "/join #eg" and you will join our IRC channel.

    Note: Registering is NOT required.

    After you use mIRC a few times, it will ask you to register and not allow you to proceed without registering. You do NOT have to register: it is a free application. All you have to do is close the program and reopen it once or twice until it gives you the option to "continue". It will only prompt you this way a few times until, afterwards, it allows you to "continue" immediately, so just be patient those first few times and on start up.

    Interface, nicknames and symbols
    So now that you are connected, what are you expected to do or know? Find out in IRC 2

    Or, did you want to use...

    Chatzilla/mIRC/xchat for downloading?

    Although they are more complicated to set up and use, IRC applications like chatzilla or mIRC have many more capabilities than webchats. To find out more take a look at the guide on XDCC downloading, IRC 3

    (Credit to Claudia, from whom I copied and pasted much of this guide~)
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