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Guide: IRC 3 - XDCC downloading

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  • Guide: IRC 3 - XDCC downloading

    Quick Details
    So, you're already a veteran of IRC and know how to download files? Here are our details:

    EG channel: #eg
    XDCC Bot: EasyBot

    Why mIRC/chatzilla/xchat instead of webchat?
    Webchat is only for chatting. It has no capabilities beyond that. If you want to use the downloading function of XDCC bots or make a bot to do tricks for you, change fonts, change display settings, put a nice background for your chatting experience, then webchat will not help.

    IRC 2 will briefly go over the capabilities of some of IRC applications at your disposal and how you can use them in relation to EGS.

    XDCC Bots
    The XDCC bot is the basis of downloading over IRC.

    The Bot acts as a repository of files. By messaging the bot with certain commands, you can have him send you files.

    <warning> Please realize that you will be using IRC to receive files. If anyone you do not know, or do not trust sends a file to you, do not open it. Downloading with IRC is no more or less dangerous than downloading with a browser. You are receiving files, either after asking or not and you should not open them unless you trust their contents. Treat files you download off IRC with the same discretion that you do with files received in your browser and try to avoid activating any harmful scripts</warning>

    Method 1: mIRC
    To enable mIRC to communicate with the EasyBot, first you will have to change your mIRC configuration.

    To configure mIRC to receive packages:
    1. First, open mIRC and click on tools --> options then click "DCC" on the left hand of the options screen.
    • Under DCC, configure On Send request to "Auto-get file" and check the minimize box.
    • 2. Change "if file exists" to "resume"

    2. On the left hand side, under DCC, click "Ignore"
    • Change method to "Disabled"

    3. On the left hand side, under DCC, click "Folders"
    • Select your default folder and click "Edit" --> select the folder where you want to download files from mIRC.

    Now that your mIRC is configured, to download you have...

    To trigger the download with the XDCC bot:
    1. Find the pack number. To do this, find the XDCC list provided in the channel topic and navigate to your series and chapter.

    2. Enter

    -"/msg <bot name> send #<packetnumber>" with the proper name and number.

    You have successfully downloaded a file.

    Method 2: Chatzilla
    With Chatzilla, you cannot configure the application to accept files universally, so you will have to configure it to certain bots or channels.

    To configure mIRC to receive packages:
    1. First, open Chatzilla and click on File --> Preferences then click on the "DCC" tab under the network or "Global Settings" options.
    • Under DCC -> auto-accept, click "add" and add the name of the bot (EasyBot) you want to download from.

    That's all you have to do to configure Chatzilla, now

    To trigger the download with the XDCC bot
    1. Find the pack number. To do this, find the XDCC list provided in the channel topic and navigate to your series and chapter.

    2. Enter

    -"/msg <bot name> XDCC send #<packetnumber>" with the proper name and number.

    3. Chatzilla will ask you if you want to download the file and after you accept, you will have to select the folder to which it downloads.

    You have successfully downloaded a file.

    And beyond?
    There's a lot more you can do with IRC than I covered in my basic guides here. My intention was only to bring you to the point that you could navigate channels and use the EasyBot downloading functions.

    The most dynamic capability of applications like mIRC and xchat is that you can write your own scripts for them, in effect, modifying your program and presence in chat. Whether you download, copy&paste or write them from scratch, scripts, aka bots can be very useful.

    But be forewarned, you might spend a lot of time for little result if you don't know what you are doing. If you are truly interested in learning these functions, go read some guides for mIRC and learn some basic programming (with, for example, python, which affords some very nice, free online learning materials to start out)

    Have fun~

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    XChat Connect

    For those of you who want to try XChat, below are the auto login settings:

    Install XChat first.

    Go to XChat -> Network List or type Ctrl+S.

    Under Networks:

    If the network "irchighway" not in the list, you will have to add it.

    Click on 'Add'. An edit box with 'New Network' will appear.

    In the edit box fill in the network you want to join: "IrcHighway"

    Click 'Edit' and an "Edit IrcHighway" dialog will appear.

    In the Servers for "IrcHighway" box you will see 'newserver/6667'.

    Click 'Edit' and fill in the server with: ""

    Check "Auto Connect" to this network at startup.

    For "Favorite Channels" type whatever channels you like to auto connect on the "irchighway".

    For "Connect Command": type "join #eg"
    Nickserv Password: "YourIdentifyPasswordHere"
    Click "Close".

    Make sure to fill out your main Nickname, the first choice will be the one that's registered and that you put your password in previously.

    After inputting all that data, just click on the button "Connect". It should automatically take you to the eg channel.

    To set up the Download settings:
    Go to Settings > Preferences
    Under Network > File Transfers
    For the field "Auto accept file offers:" Choose "Browse for save folder every time"
    For the field "Download files to:" set your DL file path if you want, or just leave it empty.
    Click OK to close and save the setting.

    To download:
    Type the following in the #eg channel: /msg EasyBot XDCC SEND #<PackNumber>
    Make sure to replace <PackNumber> with the correct pack number of from
    A pop up window will prompt you the file path you wish to save to.
    Make sure to name your file name correctly.
    Click Save.
    Easybot will tell you when the file DL is complete.