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  • Guide: Naver navigation

    How to navigate to your favourite webtoons on Naver!

    Xephia has given me an explanation and some pictures to explain how to find things on Naver. Thanks Xephia~

    1. The Naver webtoon home page

    Click image for larger version

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    Link - This is the Naver webtoon home page

    2. Webtoon schedule / Days of the week

    Click image for larger version

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    Here, you can find out which day of the week a webtoon will be released on and browse webtoons chronologically.

    Links in tab format indicate the days of the week

    Tabs (left > right):
    Monday ----> Sunday

    For now, click on the tab circled in red -> Monday webtoons

    OR. List of all webtoons

    Click image for larger version

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    Naver also has a list of all webtoons on naver, sorted by day of the week. Scroll down to have a look at the list. Display format is Monday to Sunday, left to right. The darkened column is the current day of the week.

    The red circle indicates Monday webtoons.

    3. List of webtoons for a day of the week

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Naver3.jpg
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    Here we displayed webtoons for Monday. Click images or bolded titles beside them to go to a series index. (The faded text below the title is the author's name)

    4. Series index

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Naver4.jpg
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    So I clicked on a chapter of Crepuscule this time and have entered the chapter index.

    Top circle: This is the latest chapter. Click on this text or the image to the left to view it.

    Bottom circle: Indicated are the numbers for pages of the list. click on these to scroll through earlier chapters.

    Note that at the end of a chapter, you can also find a box with images inside. This shows all the chapters of a series, if you click the arrows to scroll left or right and can also help you select a chapter.

    5. Completed series
    The following link will give you an index of all completed webtoons that are no longer on the schedule.

    Other Webtoon sites?
    Naver, Daum and Paran are the three biggest webtoon hosts in Korea and have a variety of interesting webtoons, some of which we scanlate into English. Here are similar guides for Daum and Param~
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    Webtoon = The author/artist is getting paid for the series
    Best Challenge = Popular enough to become a full webtoon
    Challenge = Anyone (Korean) can upload what they want on naver. If it gets popular it moves on to Best Challenge and later on might become a regular webtoon and the author/artist will be getting paid. When a Best Challenge becomes a regular paid webtoon the artist has to start all over again. (Re-draw the webtoon from the start)


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      Oh, so that's what happened with Crepuscule then? (It restarted).

      And naver's so cool - that anyone can participate and get paid once their work is popular!

      Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.


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        you forgot nate webcomics! there are some really good ones there these days!!


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          I'm... lost...


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            I will always find you, Master. I will never stop searching.

            Join us to the Masquerade


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              To you, I am always grateful.