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Guide: Application, learning scanlation and joining the community

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  • Guide: Application, learning scanlation and joining the community

    So you want to get involved?

    Great! We want you to be with us!

    Scanlation Recruitment
    Because needs for scanlation staff change greatly even in short periods of time, we can't accept every enthusiastic person to the staff who is ready to help out. Because of that, we have a recruitment test for each of our positions.

    • Japanese TL: So you read Japanese? We split manga into two categories, furigana and no furigana, so try out the level that suits you best!
    • Korean TL: We have a lot of nice Korean language projects, both webtoons and manwha! So there is no lack of content to translate here~
    • Chinese TL: We only have a handful of Chinese translators, since there are fewer projects to choose from. But wow, are they good.
    • French TL: For French translators, again, we don't have a huge selection of projects, and we have very high standards, so try your best! French as a mother tongue is encouraged
    • Proofreader: Don't underestimate the proofreader. Not only do you have to have English skills to make sure everything is grammatically correct, but we also need people with determination, to read out loud and reread and we need people who can really get in character and find the most idiomatic ways of saying a sentence, all the while, not straying from the literal translation. Phew, that was a long sentence... Maybe one of you can proofread it for me~
    • Cleaner: If you've never tried out photoshop before, you might want to find yourself some guides (see below). For those of you who know how to crop, level, erase the text, do small redraws and all that jazz, then we are looking forward to working with you!
    • Redrawer: These art experts take on the most difficult parts of the cleaning process, redrawing parts of the art.
    • Typesetter: Now don't think typesetting is easy. If you want to do a good job, you have to have an eye for fonts, for centring text and a very good eye for presentation, since we expect chapter TSing that is varied enough to be interesting, simple enough to read and well laid out on the pages. Don't be intimidated either though; we don't expect you to be perfect when you join. Just make sure you have enthusiasm and you'll do fine~

    If you're not sure what you can do, or even if you applied and were not accepted, then don't give up! We always appreciate the thought as well as the effort and we truly hope that you will hone your talents and come back, or, stay with us in the forums and contribute your ideas, projects suggestions, art or writing to the community.

    If you do want to try or retry the staff applications, then try to see what you can do to become top class at your position. Practice and learning are essential. For Cleaners and Typesetters especially, you should try taking a look at a guide. One commonly used is the Senbonzakura Kageyoshi guide for photoshop tools, Cleaning and Typesetting, which you can search for, though there are plenty of others too.

    And don't be afraid to post questions in the recruitment threads! Our staff and admins will be happy to help you if they can!

    If you are trying for translator or proofreader, then just study the language. Translation is something that is always a work in progress, and there is high demand for language skills almost anywhere. Even if your level is a bit low at the moment, you should focus on language study and practising translation. When you feel ready, then take care with your wording and expressions, and you should do well!

    Illustrators and Writers

    One more position in the EGS staff is that of

    • Colorist/illustrator: These artists draw all sorts of neat things for our EGS projects, such as the magazine and credits pages that are in all of our releases!

    A great part of our community here is sustained by the fantastic artists and writers who frequent the forums. Even if, like myself, you have zero artistic talent, your comments and opinions are always appreciated in entries to the Art Contest or artists' individual galleries.

    Same with writers, we appreciate the comments in our blog and contests and we are always eager to help new writers with their expression and technique~ Feel free to join the writers' club too!

    I look forward to seeing you with us!
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    I am a total fan of reading mangas and all I wanna do is whether proofreading and I can also be trained if you need some...Typesetters or Cleaners or Redrawers.I'm quite determined to join for fast releases.


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      Hello Istrael! If you want to join the EGS team, you need to pass the application first. I'm afraid EGS doesn't do the training for you here, however, if you want to take a stab at the TS, CL or redrawers' tests, feel free to try. They're quite difficult if you have no knowledge of how to use any sort of image editing program, however.

      Proofreading only requires a good mastery of English and the ability to pass the test you can download right here. Good luck with your application!