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[!] Forum Rules [!] --- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

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  • [!] Forum Rules [!] --- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

    If you're new, first of all, WELCOME to the EGScans Forum. If you're a regular visitor, thank you for checking the rules regularly.

    As the name suggests, we are Easy Going people, and we have Easy Going rules. This does not, however, mean that you can run rampant and spoil the fun for others as you might like to. In these cases, we won't hesitate to ban you periodically, or in the worst cases, ban you indefinitely.

    Don't get scared, though, just follow the following rules and you'll be completely fine =)

    1. Don't spam.
    2. Don't swear.
    3. Don't post adult material of any kind (or links to it).
    4. Don't advertise anything.
    5. (More of a request) Post in the right section/thread.
    6. DO NOT PRIVATE MSG CLAUDIA or any of the admins unless its something important.
    7. DO NOT PRIVATE MSG EGS staff members asking when the next chapter of a series is going to come out = ban
    And generally do not harass or pester our members
    (If you have something to say send an e-mail instead easygoingscans[at]gmail[dot]com)

    9. Asking when the next chapter is gonna come out = ban for 3 days. (If you repeat it is permenant ban)

    If we find posts that don't follow these rules, we will delete them immediately and this might result in a temporary or permanent ban for the poster (and any possible bumpers of the topic).

    Also if you dont like something or a project or even the lovely dress Jun wears tonight we are not interested in knowing. If we release it, it means we like it that way. Posts of such kind might also be deleted or move to our junk threads... accordingly to its content.

    All our releases and downloads can be found in this forum, under the appropriate thread for each project.

    Easy Going Scans have 24 hours delay policy on all of our releases
    (You are not allowed to host our releases until 24 hours have passed from the time of our release)


    IF someone would like to host our releases you will have to ask for permission. We will evaluate and decide whether or not we will grant you permission.

    Thank you
    The Easy Going team
    Last edited by Claudia; 09-25-2012, 12:31 PM.

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    oh ,wow, i feel dumb. I started yesterday and now just saw this!
    Well, this will be pretty easy for me to do. k:


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      yes these are very easy guidelines! :] thank u for posting them tho


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        Re: [!] Forum Rules [!] --- PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

        Bump for change to the rules a bit XD


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          Really important question: What's considered as spam? -confuzzled-


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            Well i believed spam is rather comon knowledge for those that use forums nowdays but if it isn't this is some info for spam This and this is also some info for the "trolls" This.
            Yay signature!!

            (i was never good with signatures :/)


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              Oh. Sorry for asking such a rudimentary question; this is my first time on a forum
              Then, responding to posts almost instantaneously is not considered spam?


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                If what you reply has to do with the thread, and its not a random thing, or if it goes with the flow of the discussion that occurs inside that thread then no, it isn't considered a spam.
                Yay signature!!

                (i was never good with signatures :/)


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                  Thank you very much