Hall of Fame / Shame

Hall of Fame
- Cafe of Dreams (Russian group)
For their awesome cleaner Olli who is helping us out ^_^

- Ecchi must die
(Brasilian group)
For their awesome group name ^_^

- Flower Rain (Russian group)
For their awesome cleaner NAKOFRISH who was helping us out ^_^


Hall of Shame
- DeathPlace (Vietnamese group)
For they were leeching from us for ages not crediting us and also helping mangapirate aka mangacow to steal projects from other groups.
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Request for honzuki no gekokujou

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  • Request for honzuki no gekokujou


    I am Rogdal. I represent Mugetsu no Fansub, french fansub team. We translate animes and light novels and we wish we translate mangas for french community.

    We are very interested in your works as starting point for our traduction in french, especially about Honzuki no Gekokujou, series on wich you are working on.

    Of course, your agreement is essential before any work from us. If you accept, we will obviously notify the English Traduction is yours.

    We hope you will follow up our request, and we are available to any additional information.


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    You have our permission.
    We're glad you choose us for your first manga retranslation.

    Nice website, by the way.

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      Thank you very much !

      Honzuki is our favorite manga. You have good taste.

      I also send the message to the webmaster.

      Thank you !