Hall of Fame / Shame

Hall of Fame
- Cafe of Dreams (Russian group)
For their awesome cleaner Olli who is helping us out ^_^

- Ecchi must die
(Brasilian group)
For their awesome group name ^_^

- Flower Rain (Russian group)
For their awesome cleaner NAKOFRISH who was helping us out ^_^


Hall of Shame
- DeathPlace (Vietnamese group)
For they were leeching from us for ages not crediting us and also helping mangapirate aka mangacow to steal projects from other groups.
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[PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING] Retranslate Information & Example

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  • [PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING] Retranslate Information & Example

    If anyone would like to translate one of our projects in another language:

    • Please make a separate post for each project you'd like to retranslate.
    • Title of post should be --> *Name* [Language to be translated in]
    • You must follow the format given below, or respond to inquiries to the original poster for more information.
    • The project must be one that we haven't given permission to another group for yet.
    • If you are requesting permission for a project that we have given to another group because the other group is no longer active (3 months of no releases) or has dropped the project (either formally or has not released in 3 months), it would be much appreciated if you included this information in your request so moderators don't have to search for it as much.
    • If permission is given, your group must credit Easy Going Scans in your final releases, for whatever you have used from our group (releases, raws, etc), and provide a link from your website or blog to ours (

    Title of the series ----> target language
    The name of your group
    The URL of your group's website

    Noblesse in French
    Name of your group: Blabla
    Url of your group:

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    Noblesse in French [EXAMPLE] *please read*

    Please create a separate post for each project you would like to retranslate.
    This makes it easier for us to keep track of which groups have requested permissions.

    Every group that has permission to re-translate from us must have a link from their site linking to our site. If we cannot get information from your site (because it is in development, or other reasons) we will private message or email you as appropriate.

    Thank you all!
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