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New Forum bugs / suggestions / fixes

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  • New Forum bugs / suggestions / fixes

    Hello guys :)

    The new forum is definatly better than the old but ~ a few bugs came forth while we were trying to switch from the old to the new.

    There was a bug that said that all memberes were banned and I think we fixed that now ~
    So if any of you had that msg you were not really banned >_<

    Anyway if you see any other bugs etc please write them here so we fix them ^^

    Claudia ^^

  • #2
    Gotta say something about the new forum.

    So, first of all, thanks for the hardwork of the staffs of EG Family. Second, THANK YOU, I CAN CENTRALIZE MY TEXT! (I've been waiting for this *sniffs*). Lastly, looks like I've encountered some problems.

    I'm still dizzy 'cause I've just woken up. My apologies for making this thread and telling you guys about the problems.

    First problem:

    Minna, please fix your texts and such. It's accumulating the entire forum.

    Second problem:
    Well, this problem that I'm going to tell you guys wasn't a problem (kinda; there wasn't any thing like this in the old one so it wasn't.. lagging this much) until the staffs had upgraded EG Forum (I'm not blaming anyone..). Most of the signatures here are WAAAAAAAYYYYY too big. It'll 'cause "lagging of the forum" and "everything takes time to load". It'll traffic everything. Most forums that I've joined (I'm not bragging, I'm just telling you guys to help you, don't get me wrong, I'm way too great to help ) always have a rule for signatures.

    Last problem:
    My net's fine. Everything's lagging.

    Thanks. I meant no harm. I just want to state facts. I don't want to be fake with everyone and just blindingly enjoy the problems. And, if someone tells me I'm being unfair 'cause I didn't donate even a single cent, I can only say one thing to your kind of people (the staffs are good, don't think you guys are part of what I'm going to say ): If only I'm not a child then I could donate any amount you ask from me, 'k?


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      Admin Claudia.. Sorry, I accidentally created a thread before looking for this one. I kinda have some few problems with the new forum, but I'm thankful for the hardwork and for the new options (I'm digging 'em HAHA!). I hope you hear me out. I'm not mad at you guys though. XD And, I mean no harm with whatsoever.


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        ._. everything's all small, if you can, can you guys make it a little bigger/wider? and some of the smiley's don't work properly anymore

        but anyways congrats on the new forum~
        Dark Choco Chaos Elf


        • #5
          I really like the new forum, I know it was lots of work with databases and lay-outs and smilies and whatnots, but... is it possible to make it... wider? As it used to be? Or as it's in default mode?
          It's easier on the eye, you see^^"


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            We are still doing changes to the forum ~ have some patience onegai :)


            • #7
              Thank you. And we try : D We're just anxious, because we love this forum so much : )


              • #8
                np~ Claudia-sama you guys are working hard on a lot of stuff as it is~ I'm sure we can be patient
                Dark Choco Chaos Elf


                • #9
                  Thanks, Claudia-senpai/sama. I'm really sorry. Thanks for the new forum. Gonna take over again. HAHA.


                  • #10
                    (^o^)V weee thanks for making them bigger~
                    Dark Choco Chaos Elf


                    • #11
                      Arigatou-gozaimasu~!! XD


                      • #12
                        There seems to be a possible bug with the "+ Reply to Thread" button. It doesn't work unless, I manually copy and paste the link into the address bar. I'm using firefox at the moment, but I have tried it out on chrome as well with the same problem.


                        • #13
                          We've got the same problem, Lorn-sama.


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                            A good add on to the forum would be if in profile you add a link in there say about me area were can click on to open .
                            1, All preview post by this user.
                            2, All previews post started by this user.

                            Would make it much easier to keep up with things and tidier in my opinion.

                            And an icon to say if male or female if want to option. (Or something like that.)


                            • #15
                              I get the same thing, Lorn & Rain-chan.
                              For now i just go to quick reply and "go advanced" to save time instead of manually copying the link