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    Originally posted by Seira View Post
    Although full editing mode is activated in my settings, I cannot see the editor anymore when I'm going to write a reply. Furthermore I can only send messages in basic formatting. I have tried to log in on two different devices and the same problem occurs. oO Has anyone else the same issue?
    Originally posted by SevenSeven View Post
    I have the same problem as Seira.I cleared my browsing history and tossed my cookies; then restarted my internet. Still, the editor is not there. Also I had a problem with my password while logging back in. The password showed instead of the asterisks. The login failed and I had to log in again. The asterisks were there the second time.There is also a formatting issue. I keyed my text in several paragraphs and it all posted in one big block.
    Originally posted by mangafan View Post
    I also am experiencing these problems.

    Also when I try to edit posts, the forum redirects to an editing page instead of letting me stay in the thread-view as usual.
    All those problems should be fixed now. Let me know if they are not or if you find some new problems.
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      Everything seems to be working normally now.

      Thank you.

      The Website Magician is Awesome!


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        It's all working for me as well!

        Thank you guys :)


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          It's all working fine for me as well, thank you guys!
          Last edited by Seira; 02-08-2015, 06:35 PM.


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            I encounter a database error and get automatically logged out every couple minutes, even if I'm active
            Last edited by mangafan; 03-11-2015, 06:57 PM.