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Euro donations? Where is EGS located?

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  • Euro donations? Where is EGS located?

    Silly question, but kind of thrown off a bit by the Euro donations. Absence of PayPal shoulda been a hint? Kind of nice to be able to picture such a happy group (even if it's just a base) somewhere not so anywhere...

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    Not everything is hosted in America, friend.


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      Originally posted by Sharogy View Post
      Not everything is hosted in America, friend.
      Please accept my apology. I didn't intend to offend anyone. I subscribe to groups all over the world and so I'm aware of the fact that not everything is hosted in America. Unfortunately, due to my personal limitations, I am somewhat limited to English language sites. Although, in spite of limited language skills, there are French and German sites that I manage, especially with translation software. However, most of the non-American sites I'm familiar with are interest information sharing groups that don't involve fees or donations or commercial sites that have currency amounts in both dollars and euros.

      A non-American anime/manga site/group isn't unexpected since I'm finding more and more that America is comparatively anime/manga "challenged" (or should I say deprived) when it comes to the rest of the world. As I've posted on your forums, I've been really impressed by the work you do and thought I should seriously consider supporting your efforts. I guess I should have just let it go, but you were so close to meeting your goal for the last month of the year... It's just that I've never put any unconverted Euro charges on a credit card - or sent money to an "unknown location" before, so it's something really new to me (you're dealing with someone who wasn't born into the tech generation). So... Oops! My age might be showing. Some things are just better left to the younger, global-savvy, totally tech generation? Again, if anything in my post led you to think that there is any "non-American" bias on my part, I do most sincerely apologize. I truly did not mean to be bothersome in any way.
      Consider me sufficiently chastised ~
      P.S. Thanks for at least calling me "friend" there were any number of much more brutal choices available....
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        hey, we're cool, no need to apologize that much
        wait, what?


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          I think what we're trying to say is, we're a world wide effort of people from staff and admin to mods. :D


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            Europe is not so anywhere? :O

            That's one amazing apology btw, I'm impressed!
            A Bjørn is not necessarily a bear, but a bear is always a Bjørn....


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              Why did you have to be this kind. That ruins the fun!

              Yep, I think the people are pretty wide spread. Look at this poll for example.
              Ring the bell at the front of my book and I may be right there for you.... soon... ish.
              앞으로는 걱정하지 않아도 되겠는데.