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Just picked it up today, THANK YOOOOOU

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  • Just picked it up today, THANK YOOOOOU

    Ok, 5 chapters isn't much but I am officially obsessed with this, enough to make an account and post on the forums

    Anyone have a good, long-running counterpart to this, that I can use to stave off the hunger?!

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    ... ummm... Noblesse? (lol) Tower of God, Trace, Crepuscule, Welcome to Room #305... they're the only long series that I know of that also have a lot translated (meaning there are some other long series but the English translations are quite behind)

    Of course, I'm not sure what you mean by long... since 5 chapters is pretty short indeed! Um... PALE HORSE. PALE HORSE. EVERYONE SHOULD READ PALE HORSE. Also Hanged Doll, Superior Day, Melo Holic, City of Dead Sorcerer, anything by Ha Il-Kwon... //naming off a bunch of depressing series

    Transfer Student Storm Bringer, OH, MY GOD!, KissWood and Ensemble are all completed series with a decent length that aren't depressing--!! The first two are comedy, KissWood is like a Ghibli film and Ensemble is a comedy/drama but, again, not a tragic depressing tale or anything. ^^