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  • Apartment for Rent / Discussion

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    Apartment for Rent <樓下的房客>


    Gibbens Ko <九把刀>




    Horror, twisted, bizarre, mature, adult, murder, crime.

    Short Biography of the Author:

    Gibbens Ko <九把刀>, real name Ke Jing-teng<柯 景腾>, born in 25-8-1978, a Tunghai University graduate, famous for his debute novella <Fear Bomb> in 2000. Many of his works are made into comics, games and movies. Some noteworthy movie titles based on his novels include: L-O-V-E <愛到底>, You Are The Apple Of My Eye <那些年,我們一起追的女孩>, The Killer Who Never Kills <殺手,歐陽盆栽>, Kung Fu <功夫> (In post production), Café·Waiting·Love <等一個人咖啡>, A Choo <打噴嚏> and The tenants downstairs <樓下的房客>. He is often praised for the diversity and styles of his work and his talent for directing.

    Story Synopsis:

    The story takes places in a strange and mysterious rental apartment house. Each tenant has their own unique features, interests and fetishes.
    The landlord is a useless bum who inherited the apartment house through sheer luck, in order to satisfy his own curiosity, he took on a set of unique personalities as tenants. He doesn’t want the hard-working well-behaved students, the office workers with steady incomes, or the simple families. He just wants “normal people” who fits certain criteria, has tendencies for abnormal behaviours, basically anyone who can satisfy his curiosity for the dark side of the human nature.
    As result he ended up with a PE teacher with a record for domestic violence, a university student who is a gaming addict, a divorcee with his angelic little girl, a mysterious writer, a gay couple and an eye-candy. Eight tenants and a perverted Landlord, six rooms and a bunch of secrets, the potential of our human nature made it impossible to predict how much more secrets each room held.
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    The movie based on this book "The Tenants Downstairs" will be airing later this year, for those interested feel free to keep an eye out.
    Though the movie is in Chinese,


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      Thank you so much for this novel translation!

      If this will be as twisted as the novel Kung Fu?


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        i dont think kung fu was twisted at all...


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          Originally posted by Sharogy View Post
          i dont think kung fu was twisted at all...
          It was fun until HYDRA appeared. THEN it got twisted. Maybe it was just weird because that was the only Jiu Badao novel I read. Is this one also a Hydra novel? I know he shows up in some novels?


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            some of his novels are taking place in the same universe,

            Like the Killer's series.

            Kung Fu is part of a series, well, the best i can translate it as, urbanphobia.

            despite being part of a series, his stories are mostly standalone, with reoccuring characters. Kung Fu is like the 6th book or 7th depends on who you ask, in the series.

            Dr.Hydra, is a reoccuring character throughtout the entire series, unfortunately they are not translated, /shrug. I guess because only Kung Fu most wuxia-sque in the series, overall the series has a different take on the wuxia/xianxia genre.

            So reading Kung Fu as their first book, the final revelation of the antagonist may seem very strange to many, however, while each book is standalone, they are connected in many ways, and the story do come to a conclusion in the last book.

            Anyways, Hydra, as it is name, has many(9) heads. Every book shows one of its facet, and every book has an ending, but they are not THE ending.

            Apartments is in its own category. it has no wuxia elements.
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              Originally posted by Sharogy View Post
              Apartments is in its own category. it has no wuxia elements.
              I thought so reading the first chapters :)
              But I wouldn't have looked for Wuxia in Apple of my Eye either. :)
              Do you know about his Life Hunter series? From the covers they looked pretty Wuxia, too?

              But I think it is really awesome to get more Gidd s Ko in English!


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                i dont think apple of my eye is translated either, though there are english subs for the movie.

                I haven't read the hunter series, the words on the streets are, the ending was lame.


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                  This translation is quite quick! Thank you again for the great work! If I saw correctly, there are 13 chapters and an epilogue, right? 6 1/2 chapters to go then. Can't wait for them.


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                    Yeah we have passed the half way mark


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                      I would give the PR a try but I am not a native speaker.

                      Would it just be looking for typos? Or also "discussing" things like:
                      "When nobody else sees you, what you do then is your real nature.": Do you think the sentence would flow better as "What you do, when nobody else is around, shows your true nature."

                      Sorry if I sound complicated.
                      Last edited by WesY2K; 01-21-2016, 06:57 PM.


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                        It is a complicated process, feel free to attempt the PR test for novels.