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City of Darkness / Discussion

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  • City of Darkness / Discussion

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Name:	City_of_Darkness_v01_cover.jpg
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    Title: City of Darkness (九龙城寨)
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Seinen
    Reading order: Right to left
    Author: 司徒剑桥 (Yu Er)
    Production: Situ Jian Qiao
    Producer: Chenjing Group /Yuyongliang
    Status in Country of Origin: 2 Volumes - Complete
    Summary: Everyone in his Triad gang looked up to him. He was the boss's favorite pupil, but then in a single night, after he had won so many territorial fights for his gang, he lost everything! Why?

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    This project is amaizing! The drawings are so good! I love it! Thank you!


    • #3
      the cover and the drawings are cool
      looking forward to new chapters
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      miktlynk-sama's devoted servant & younger brother
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      • #4
        The art is amazing and the story is presented quite well so far.

        Thanks for picking this up!


        • #5
          just read the first 2 chappie!!!!

          I LOVE IT

          cant wait for more!!


          • #6
            Just read the first two chapters and I'm highly confused as to why the boss turned on him or why he looks so awkwardly evil but I think I'll keep reading it. XD


            • #7
              The boss found his presence threatening ~ He was getting too much attention and the boss hated that :)


              • #8
                Just read first 2 chapters.Nice story so far.Very dark and violent.
                You can see how fate can change in one night(First he is so high,and then down)Jealousy is devil's deed.
                Art is nice,with color which is very rare to see.
                Can't wait to see what is going to happen next.


                • #9
                  I think I was a little bit sick when I realized why would his mother's ring be there... um... no, I'm sure I was, since I'm still a little bit sick when I think about it...

                  Anyway, I'm curious about this City of Darkness he's going to! And the boss there who is feared by his boss! (Gotta get the names... I'm bad with Chinese names, sorryˇˇ")


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                    This series has good artwork and action scenes is it still ongoing?
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                    • #11
                      Yes its ongoing Jin :)

                      You can read that info in the 1st post of this thread


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                        Ok lol

                        The guy with the red hair is badass, the series has potential
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                          A Hong Kong comic but their names are not transleted into original Cantonese...

                          I'm very happy, that someone translate a Hong Kong comic, but all the names for the persons and places is not in their original language Cantonese. So it sounds weird to me and it somehow lose the sense in it. I'm a Cantonese speaker, I really would like to help with the names. Please answer me.^^


                          • #14
                            Hello Saiey :)

                            We would gladly accept your help with the names :) Send me an email to easygoingscans[at] to work things out :)


                            • #15
                              thanks for quick answer, I will see what I can do.^^