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    I hope this is okay, please tell me if it is not. I got so excited about this manhua that I created an lj comm dedicated to it:

    Anyone is welcome to join and post things about either City of Darkness or Yu Er. I know that not much is scanlated so far, but City of Darkness is a rich world capable of spawning discussions, character analyses, and fanworks. Please join!

    Also, thank you so much for translating this comic! I look forward to this and any other HK-related manhua you might pick up in the future.

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    Cool :)

    Glad you like it so much as in to make a LJ for it ^^

    Btw the link you have for someone to buy from amazone I think its wrong as it has other authors and artist for this manhua ~_~

    But if its right... then its something fishy there.
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