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Heavenly Match (Discussion and Downloads)

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  • Heavenly Match (Discussion and Downloads)

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Name:	Heavenly_Match_cover.jpg
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    Heavenly Match
    Genre: Action, Psychological, Adventure, Supernatural
    Reading order: Left to right
    Author: ALIC
    Status in Country of Origin: 77 Chapters (Ongoing)
    Description: A young girl accidentally awakens a guardian spirit sealed within a sword. Together they will face many challenges in order to complete a mysterious mission given by the gods. They meet other summoners and spirits, face demons, and details about their past lives are revealed.
    Raws: here

    Our Releases:

    Chapter 00 > released
    Chapter 01 > released
    Chapter 02 > released
    Chapter 03 > released
    Chapter 04 > released
    Chapter 05 > released
    Chapter 06 > released
    Chapter 07 > released
    Chapter 08 > released
    Chapter 09 > released
    Chapter 10 > released
    Chapter 11 > released
    Chapter 12 > released
    Chapter 13 > released
    Chapter 14 > released
    Chapter 15 > released
    Chapter 16 > released
    Chapter 17 > released
    Chapter 18 > released
    Chapter 19 > released
    Chapter 20 > released
    Chapter 21 > released
    Chapter 22 > released
    Chapter 23 > released
    Chapter 24 > released
    Chapter 25 > released
    Chapter 26 > released
    Chapter 27 > released
    Chapter 28 > released

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    wow I love it, this seems really great! I really love you for choosing to do this project, thank you so much, u made my day! :D


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      I like this series, but it's really slow moving. I can only expect that the author plans for it to run a long time, thus the slow reveals. I'm interested in the current story line, but at the same time, it's spent forever on what I'm assuming is just going to be a one-off character, and I kind of wish it would wrap up. Though, maybe it'll be more important to the overall story than it currently seems.

      EDIT: And since I forgot because I'm dumb~ Thanks for your work on this series ♥
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        I've got a question... I hover over the project status doc quite a bit, and noticed that Heavenly Match was at 90% for a while, and then it went back to 30% without a release. Was there something wrong with it or was it mistakenly at 90%? :x


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          It was 90%, then released and I missed it and didn't change it. 30% should be correct now. Mistakes sometimes happen...
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            OH!! I see, sorry about that;;