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    Title: Pale Horse
    Seinen, Romance, Supernatural
    Reading order:
    Left to right
    Author: Choo Hae-Yun
    Choo Hae-Yun
    Status in Country of Origin:
    98 Chapters (Ongoing)
    Set in the France 1835. Pretty Rose Dupre is bullied and called the witch's daughter, and people say her mother kills and eats humans. However, Marie and Peter don't believe all the tales and decide to protect Rose. But what if the rumors are true?

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    It seem pretty decent but the storyline gives a pretty cruel beginning for rose...... hope to read more of this

    my response when you know an idea is dumb but you still do it anways


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      Thank you so much for picking up this project. The art is very good and the story is interesting enough to make me anxiously waiting for the next release


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        Why change Peter's name to Pierre?

        I know Pierre's a French name while Peter isn't, but the author had once mentioned that she thinks him to be of Germanic descent.
        Refer to this episode:


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          Originally posted by NordicPastor View Post
          Why change Peter's name to Pierre?
          This was actually explained in a proofer note in ch1 p20.

          Basically, Pierre is the equivalent to Peter in French, and it actually means to "burst," "break" or "fart" etc.
          Since Pierre's second name is Grand, it would have been translated literally as "big fart." :P

          (These aren't my own words), but you can see why it was changed~


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            Amazing story.... Thanks for translating it.
            Aurora, thank you for recommending me this otherwise I would have missed this (once again because of shojo tag).


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              Originally posted by tragic View Post
              Amazing story.... Thanks for translating it.
              Aurora, thank you for recommending me this otherwise I would have missed this (once again because of shojo tag).
              No problem! It's pretty unique in terms of shoujo~

              Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.


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                This series is amazing. This series is amazing. THIS SERIES IS AMAZING!!! (ノ`Д ́)ノ

                The gorgeous art got me hooked from the start, and then as soon as it got grimdark, the story got me hooked even more. And then...
                The reveal about the witch, and her fate... HOLY FUCK! Though from the start I thought that in some way the witch was Rose, I had NO IDEA at all that that would be how, and, just... holy shit. How incredibly horrible and tragic, and how incredibly twisted and perfect. Everything previously shown takes on a new meaning. No, thousands of meanings. This series definitely needs to be read twice. And poor Lemon... and the witch... and Rose... who is also the witch... the witch that ruined her life... she ruined her own life... fuck. Actually, poor everyone. What a tragic series. As expected of Korean authors (;Д`)

                EDIT: AND THEN, I ALSO TOTALLY FORGOT TO SAY THANKS!! So, my most humble and gracious thanks!
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                  Sorry to double post, but this series deems it necessary. Every time I read it I'm just blown away by how amazing it is. Both the art and the story... and, amazingly, both done by the same person!! What crazy talent!

                  Not just among webtoons, but all forms of fiction, this story ranks among the very best. It's the type of story that should be required reading in high school along with the works of Shakespeare and the like. Except that it wouldn't be pretentious or boring; just something really phenomenal that everyone should read.

                  I don't know how this story has managed to do it, but it's had me emotionally tied to it from the start, which usually only happens for me with really long series that I've spent a lot of time with. I've come to really love the characters and the story itself and have internalized it so much that it's become a part of me. I can't believe how attached I've gotten to it!! And even though I do get caught up in other stories -- obviously, because why read them otherwise? -- it's very fleeting and usually only lasts the duration while I'm reading. But this series really sticks with me. After reading a chapter, I think about it long afterwards, and it usually affects my mood quite a bit. After reading 33 (which I cried like a bitch throughout) and 34 I've become quite distraught. Pierre, you can't hate Rose. It's just a false front, right? RIGHT?? (ノಥДಥ)ノ ◜◝ ┻━┻

                  And, man, I mentioned the art, right? OF COURSE I HAVE!! BECAUSE IT'S PHENOMENAL!! Not just the "drawing" but the "feeling" -- the paneling, the framing, the expressions... dear god, Rose's expression as she looked at the sun in chapter 34... oh, god, my heart (;Д`) Why is this series so cruel?!

                  Not to mention the fact that each chapter actually HAS THINGS HAPPEN rather than 20 pages of non-action (see also: Soul Cartel orz)... and yet, you're still left wanting more because IT'S SO DAMN GOOD!!

                  There probably isn't anyone I talk to that I haven't told this series about. I even painstakingly take the time to re-tell the entire story to people I know that don't read webtoons because I just have to flip out about how goddamn amazing it is!! I really wish I knew Korean so that I could praise the author directly all the time... and also had some sort of super popular television show/twitter so that I could tell everyone to read it. I REALLY WANT EVERYONE TO READ IT AND ENJOY IT AND BASK IN ITS GLORY!! (●□`)♡ HOW ARE MORE PEOPLE NOT READING THIS?!?!

                  Urrr... and just as it was at the start, I have absolutely no idea where this story will go. I had some predictions but they were all wrong. And I figured surely it would end at 34... but it's going strong at 81 chapters (!!!!) I'm ridiculously excited about that, because I thought for sure it would be a short series even at the start, but it's so torturous to wait for I want to just wait until it's done, but I've tried that before and I just can't stay away...!! (╥ A ╥)

                  ahem just had to get that off my chest (︶▽︶)

                  Anyhow, I've said it before and I'll say it again: thanks so much for bringing this to an English speaking audience!! I may have discovered it some time in the far, far future, but mayhaps not... and so, you truly have my eternal thanks (ノ◡‿◡)ノ ✧・゚: *
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                    I noticed this fantastic series is in need of a translator... though there isn't anything I can do besides lurk recruitment forums, I pray for your success in finding one!! (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣ ︿ ˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)


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                      I don't know who became the translator for this yet, but whoever you are, bless you!! \( ⌂` )/


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                        Fufufu, Lemon's devotion and true purposes more and more obscure ...

                        Moody (entrapped ?) "Mother", questions rising about the quarries and uncertain hunters...

                        So, so interesting - and the art became so fabulous ♥ !
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                        Strange bloomers, my darling tuberoses ~


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                          Yes! Yes!! Pale Horse love ヽ(Д` )人(Д` )人(Д` )ノ〜♪

                          Let's all warmly join together and love Pale Horse ヽ(Д` )人(Д` )人(Д` )ノ〜♪