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    I've been read this manga, thanks for scanlating the series by the way, and I don't if I'm crazy but the titles of the chapters aren't titles of metal songs?


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      Is the manga still being scanlated? To rephrase that, is the manga updated monthly? :p


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        i want to know to will we have more than 114 chapters? or they quit doing it?


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          Originally posted by MadLane View Post
          i want to know to will we have more than 114 chapters? or they quit doing it?
          The previous release was released 3 days ago. We are still doing this project.


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            ok thx for the info


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              i just want to ask why is the release is so slow the manga finished 6 years ago and the team is releasing the manga monthly i really like the sub but its really slow i didn't read the manga for a year and half i only saw 13 new chapters pls try to finish this faster

              (sorry for my bad English)


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                because people have real life. sucks right ^^?
                your crazy cleaner~
                the project finisher!

                Goals for this year-
                1)Finish Amatsuki 137/154
                2)Finish Embalming 38/58

                Help make it come true! ^^


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                  Just wanted to drop in to let the people know that are working on this project. The anime kind of changed my life for the better, it's a great manga. I am happy you guys saw this and are translating it. It took me two days to read up to where you have translated and at first I was sad that it wasn't translated fully, but now.. Actually I am happy it wasn't translated fully, since this means I have more to look forward to.

                  Whatever happens I hope you never ever ever ever ever drop this project. Unless it might get licensed and translated in English for purchase. Though, I would like to thank you all for translating this so I can read it.

                  Thanks a lot, and well real life sucks indeed.

                  So just a small thanks for apreciation for what you all doing!