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    Title: Song of the Long March (Choukakou, Chang Ge Xing)
    Genre: Shojo, War, Historical, Martial Arts, Josei
    Reading order: Right to Left
    Author: Xia Da
    Artist: Xia Da
    Status in Country of Origin: 6 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Description: Set in 627 AD, Tang Dynasty Imperial China, 2nd son of the Emperor, prince Qin assasinated his older brother, the Crown Prince and usurped the throne, to ensure his rule, the order was given to execute every one of Crown Prince's kinsmen, including his daughter, princess Yong Ning. with her mother's help, she narrowly escaped the palace and her persuers. From this moment forth, the royal princess of Tang began her journey as a fugitive under the guise of a young merchant.

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    Historical Background:

    Key characters:

    Imperial Courts -

    Rest -
    Not sure on historical accuracy.

    MC seems to be a historical character, however none of her deeds was ever recorded other than the name.


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      this is a good read

      enjoyed it quite a bit, hope it doesn't get so many others i enjoyed


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        Neuro, surely u jest... but please dont, for me will bawl if it ur jest realized...

        sorry for being nosy... ah, i already am...
        but i dont comfortable enough with the chapter title typography......

        tat's all...


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          The plot gets thickens more and more.
          Thanks for working on this Manwha.
          I enjoy it a lot.

          I wonder if going out will save her life and endanger her at the same time.


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            I don't know about the plot getting thicker, but I have a few things to say about the incoming ship.

            I must say that Egscans really does an Excellent job with the translations on this one. The dialogue is so elegant and poetic, and it really adds to the mood. I don't even want to imagine how this would sound like if someone of the level of Line Webtoon's translators were translating this instead. D':


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              Chapter 1 v2 is missing the cover and inner flap art from v1. Basically these two pages:


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                those are the japanese retail cover, they are not present in the chinese webtoon release.


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                  Whoa, it seems Chang Ge realized that her mother was up to something. She must have realized that those rumors had a certain truth to them. I wonder how she'll react to that knowledge. :O


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                    next update of raw (usually on 14th of the month) is cancelled, Xia Da will be going on a business trip to japan. (or so she says).
                    Which means the next update will come somewhere at the end of the month, expect release sometime in december.


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                      For those following the raws:

                      Upcoming update on u17 will be delayed till february as Xia Dia will be attending the signings for the releases of volume 5 and 6 in Japan. Other mediums remains unchanged.

                      Update in April however will be canceled on all mediums, as Xia Da will be undergoing a surgery, detailed information unknown. though appears to be a minor one.


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                        Found a song of Sotlm


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                          Originally posted by Sharogy View Post
                          It's getting an anime?


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                              Oh.. I thought there would be more posts about the latest chapter.

                              Really got me for a second, good to see Sun alive. I wonder how much she's got left to live T_T