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  • trash. / Downloads and Discussion

    Title: trash.
    Genre: Action, Adult, Ecchi, Mature, Psychological, Seinen, Yuri
    Reading Order: Right to Left
    Author: Yamamoto Kenji
    Artist: D.P
    Status in Country of Origin: 7 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Description: The mafia boss of the Iwashi family is a high school girl named Konomi Minoko. But don’t let her appearance fool you; she has done and seen things normal citizens can’t even imagine. Under her control are two assassins who have gained legendary status for their deadliness and ability to get any job done. Ishikawa Rushia, codenamed Baret, uses a modified handgun that uses a custom made hollow point bullet that explodes the target from the inside. Shirato Marin, codenamed Francesca, uses a original weapon that is a mix between a throwing axe and battle axe. Both of them are Minoko’s high school classmates and seem like normal teenagers but are two of the most feared killers in the mob world who handle missions often involving other assassins and underground groups.

    Project Status:

    Volume 1
    Chapter 01 > released
    Chapter 02 > released
    Chapter 03 > released
    Chapter 04 > released
    Chapter 05 > released
    Chapter 06 > released
    Chapter 07 > released
    Chapter 08 > released
    Extra > released

    Volume 2
    Chapter 09 > released
    Chapter 10 > released
    Chapter 11 > released
    Chapter 12 > released
    Chapter 13 > released
    Chapter 14 > released
    Chapter 15 > released
    Chapter 16 > released

    Volume 3
    Chapter 17 > released
    Chapter 18 > released
    Chapter 19 > released
    Chapter 20 > released
    Chapter 21 > released
    Chapter 22 > released
    Chapter 23 > released
    Chapter 24 > released

    Volume 4
    Chapter 25 > released
    Chapter 26 > released

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    Just a quick question regarding Trash.

    Hello! I was just introduced by a friend to the series Trash. It is an excellent series, and you guys have done a fantastic job on it. I saw that you had it listed as ongoing, but the last chapter was released in October. I was just wondering if there is anything that I can do to help get the next chapters out? From a donation to actual work, I am willing to do whatever I can. I am not good enough to be a translator or redrawer, but I can typeset to an extent, and can proofread as well (for syntax and context, not for translation accuracy regarding original language.)

    IDK, just thought I would put it on the table, that series is just too cool and crazy to get lost. Thanks for your time


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      Trash doesnt have a team right now.
      You will need to be able to do everything....
      your crazy cleaner~
      the project finisher!

      Goals for this year-
      1)Finish Amatsuki 137/154
      2)Finish Embalming 38/58

      Help make it come true! ^^