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Aflame Inferno / Discussion

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  • Aflame Inferno / Discussion

    Title: Aflame Inferno

    Action, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
    Author: IM Dal-Young
    Artist: KIM Kwang-Hyun
    Reading Order: Left to Right
    Status in Country of Origin: 6 Volumes (Ongoing) author hiatus
    Description: Aflame Inferno is about a self absorbed high schooler, Kang Shichan, that gets caught in the middle of a battle between demons. Injured severely and near death, the demon Inferno merges with the student to save his life. Together they win the battle to discover that they are inescapably joined. The only hope of ever being separate beings is to gather 10,000 Invento Hells and find the right spell of Resurrection. Can Kang Shichan balance hunting down demons with his school work?

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    hmm isn't Alfame inferno already up to chapter 49 why are we re-scanlating the chapters?
    imma guy


    • #3
      Because the one translated one up to ch 49 is Japanese version.
      We are currently translating to ch 50 of korean version. It will be released very soon. (by that i mean up to 50)


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        Thank you so much!!!!!!!

        OMG!!!!!!! I canīt believe that you are translating Aflame Inferno
        I have been waiting almost 2 years for a group to take this amazing series

        But wasnīt aflame inferno on hiatus?


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          awesome guys I've been waiting for 2 years too.Spread the words haha I hope u guys dont drops this.its a really good one that I 've been checking for updates weekly for years.


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            Guys thanks for the new chapter i'm so happy :d


            • #7
              this is a great manhwa that ive been wondering if it had been dropped. also does any1 know where i can buy this manwha? ive been having difficulty finding a good sit to buy manhwa so any suggestions would b much appreciated


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                It's on hiatus in Korea at the moment, and we've caught up to the raws.
                -The first arrow you can't dodge, the second you can-

                I mean, this dude is the whole point to the series


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                  damn it's on hiatus why do all the mangas/manwha i'm reading go on hiatus as sson as i catch up.....
                  "I hate morning people...or mornings...or people..."