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    Summary: There was a fire. Kousei lost his mother, his father and his precious little sister, Sanae. One month later he woke up to find himself in a hospital and was moved to pediatrics where he could share a room with other boys his age.

    Professor Kimishiro is loved and respected by his students, but disliked by faculty and administration. He's pushed from his classroom by university politics and takes a team to the jungles of the Amazon in search of new medicines and perhaps a chance to gain back his reputation amongst those with influence back home. Instead of cures, his team stumbles upon a lost temple in the jungle, a place the village guides claim to be 'The House of the God of the Black Death'. What are the temple's secrets, and can any man, let alone a mere boy, survive the plague of an angry God?

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    The drama became very intense in just a few chapters.


    I'm wondering if it will be zombies or body snatchers, or something else. They seem to recover when the sun rises.
    There is also a lot of foreshadowing about the mold in the jungle. Perhaps the professors illness is connected to it.
    There was also foreshadowing about fire. The "infected" nurse has a strange reaction to the flame on the stove.


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      that is what I want to know XD
      a good reason to pick a manga up right ^^?
      your crazy cleaner~
      the project finisher!

      Goals for this year-
      1)Finish Amatsuki 137/154
      2)Finish Embalming 38/58

      Help make it come true! ^^


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        ^Yes, I'm glad we did pick it up.
        I was reading it a Batoto, now I can read it here.


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          I've been waiting for an update to this manga for ages! Thanks for picking it up