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This series is incomplete actually...

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  • This series is incomplete actually...

    I'm posting this on my phone so I'll post the links to part 4 and 5 when I get home.

    Any chance EGscans will finish it? I'll gladly pay to support the project. Feng Shen Ji is my all time favorite manhua/manga series, I appreciate the work in translating the first 3 parts a great deal.

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    Part 4 of Feng Shen Ji

    No translations for this that I'm aware of...


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      Though not confirmed by anyone other than myself, Part 5 of Feng Shen Ji

      No translations either, and jump to chapter 183, and you will see why I believe this to be part 5...

      Also a friend of mine explained to me that Part 4 contains the descendants of FSJ 1-3


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        We dont really have a TLer for this nor a CLer, so most likely we won't be picking it up -.-'
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