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Feng Shen Ji / Discussion

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    Well, i have registered on forum only for to say HOLY FUCK DAT MAHNWA ROCK!!. I mean, really, i have been read a lot of what they calling "seinen", and what im calling "combat" comics... But Feng Shen Ji is easly the best comics/mange/mahva (chose your name for it) of that genre. Thx guys for translating it!

    Sorry for my bad english. And yes, i have no trouble in reading english or translate it, but to build proper eglish sentences...nope :(


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      very awesome comic , wonder is there anymore nice HK comic to read ? Any recommendation ?


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        other than the ones we are doing, not many has been translated


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          Many thanks for the great journey, Sharogy and all the guys of EGS! God bless you!


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            Hat's off to the staff of EGS and to everyone who has ever worked on Feng Shen Ji.
            Thank you for letting us know and enjoy this extraordinary work of art from the beginning to its end.

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              I've been reading this manhua for years and it ends on a cliffhanger? For real? WHY?! D':
              I mean tbh I suspected something like this was going to happen based on how little time was left. I wonder if there was supposed to be a part IV and there never was? Bookone is constantly promoting it and it recently got a rerelease in bound volumes just a week ago or something so there's no shortage of popularity so who knows. Upsetting and a somewhat rushed ending but an excellent series overall.

              Thanks to EG Scans for the top tier work doing this in high quality for so long. :)


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                Amazing Manhua hopefully Journey which is what the creator of FSJ is working on right now gets picked up by EasyGoingScans


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                  Yes, very disappointed with the ending , very rush and jampacked all main characters ending into two finale episode :(
                  I expect more fighting scene between ah gou and hei-long.
                  Ah Gou transform into god of war ( the green haired form during final fight at god domain with helps of all dark one vigour ) by combining all his Divine Power + Soul Gear + Smelting Aura + Nothingness form. This fight alone will shine out Ah Gou as true god of war and win hei-long in the end. Guess i got to wrote my own story than
                  Been reading alot of Tony wong , wan yat leung and tang chi fai manhwa and most story doesnt end well , which they just make a simple happily ever after without further illustrate the characters details.

                  Indeed a long journey with ah gou and mates ,no doubt one of the best manhwa i've read along the year since 90" . Thanks to the scanning team , awesome job you guys did here :D .