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  • English chapter summary or script translation

    I'm dying to know what happens next, but I only speak English. Is there anywhere I can find a chapter summaries or a script translation of the episodes past 117?

    I have looked everywhere and I don't think there is one. I even tried photo translations of the Vietnamese and Chinese versions. The output was a scrambled mess. Then I tried copying the text of the vietnamese version(painstakingly) and putting that into Google translate. I compared the result with an actual translation, and it was not even close. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!


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    try this thread


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      All there is are chapter summaries out there by members, I am very frustrated why nobody puts their time to translate themselves, so many people out there who are bilingual and it shouldn't take that long.
      A chapter is only about 35 pages, and doesn't have to be in "perfect english".
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