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Hell's Kitchen / Discussion

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    I adore this manga! (●´□`)♡ Not only is it about cooking, which is always good, it's also very entertaining without that. I could just read a slice of life type story without any cooking or plot in it and still be entertained ♥ ♥ ♥ I love the characters ♥ ♥ ♥ and the art is really nice~!!

    And to those wondering: yes, all of the stuff contained within is factual... all food manga are like this. It would be kind of pointless to create a cooking manga and fill it with BS. And if they did, they'd clearly say that it wasn't true or warn you not to try it at home. I mean, this is Japan, after all!! Anyway, this series has an author and an artist -- it's the author who is the food expert; pretty much every manga he's done has been about cooking. ^^ Actually, I'm really impressed by the amount of knowledge he has!! I wonder if he wanted to be a cook, previously was a cook, or is just a food enthusiast. And not only cooking, he also knows about the foods themselves, and even Chinese traditional medicine!

    For those asking about if Hell's Kitchen is in need of anything, according to the public project status it would likely be that a translator is needed, since it's currently marked as "maybe", which I believe means there isn't a dedicated translator for the series. Though I'm sure editors/proofers are always a big help!

    EDIT: I suck and forgot to say: THANKS A LOT FOR WORKING ON THIS SERIES ♥ ♥ ♥
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      Umm... since it's been a while... fighting, team!! ;w; All of us Hell's Kitchen fans are eagerly awaiting more *w*


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        In the volume 7 extras there are one text section that was removed from the page but not replaced with translation. Was the information in it simply moved to somewhere else on the page or was it not translated?
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Hells_Kitchen_v7_ch27_p036.jpg
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        It should have been just below the hat girl's knee.


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          The girl to the right of kuga with the cap: (her introduction’s been cut in half… I can’t make out her name, but something about her grandfather, scouting people, Satoru.)



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            Hey readers of Hell's Kitchen. I have a question for y'all: Is Shokusen a College / University level school or an advanced High School?

            I've seen it referred to both ways in the manga. It makes a difference for terminology of the teachers in English though. So is this equivalent to Yale (Prestigious University) or Philips Exeter (Prestigious High School)? thanx :)

            Edit: you know, never mind. In one page they're clearly saying "It's the Tokyo University of Cooking Schools!" and in the next page they're having "homeroom" and "first period" classes. I'm just going to stick with University terminology and take it for granted that any high school that thinks of itself that highly will be trying to emulate a university setting anyhow, complete with the naming conventions. :P

            Oh PS. You love this manga for the real world cooking techniques? Go find Oishii Kankei (sadly not on EGS, but fully translated and archived by Wingtip Cafe), it's the josei version of this with all of the same mouthwatering FOOOOOOOOOD focus. :)
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