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In Full Bloom / Discussion

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  • In Full Bloom / Discussion

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Name:	IFB_cover_s.jpg
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    Title: In Full Bloom
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical
    Reading oder: Left to right
    Author: Jae-Won Yon
    Artist: Jae-Won Yon
    Status in Country of Origin: 90 Chapters - Complete
    Description: The kingdom of Juushin is suffering at the hands of a cruel emperor. In order to stop his father's rule of tyranny, the crown prince will enlist the aid of a legendary assassin with reasons of her own for wanting the emperor dead.

    One ruler, one schemer, and... one assassin.

    Raws: here

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    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you for picking this project...
    I do love it, especially the art


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      *thinks she is enlightened by the last chapter*


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        =] The story is just beginning!


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          Yes, and it feels so slooooooooow...! But at least, until some action begins, I can look at the beautiful artwork...! (And clothes... and jewelry... and buildings...)


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            I'm not a fan of webtoon (I'm more used to see many details in the manga), but I enjoy reading in full bloom that has a storyline that I like, the author is very faithful the clothing of the past.
            Je suis idea of evil!


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              hy, well i'm a big fan of your work, and now i'm translating, some of yours proyects into spanish, one of them is GOH and i want to star in full bloom, but i was wondering if you can tell the fonts you use, becouse i'm very new in this work and i dont have much experience, anyway, thanks for you great job, ahhh my email is and my blog is


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                We are looking for a korean translator for this lovely series



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                  Great manwha!! thanks a lot for translating it..
                  Hm I tried to read the raws on Naver, but i can only look up till chapter 10-11, perhaps someone can help me? Do I need to sign up or something?? i'm dying to read themm Thank youu


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                    This series is really good. REALLY GOOD!! The art and the characters and all of the deception... class A++ would read again. I was depressed when the releases went dormant, but with all of the releases lately, it more than alleviated my pain!! ( >ㅅ< )

                    EDIT: Oops, forgot. Thanks a lot for bringing this series to us ♥ ♥
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                      I forgot to mention the art, which is one of the biggest reasons I love the series. Well, besides the fact that the story is really good... the way that the color in the series is muted except for red, and how the red just jumps off the page!! And even without that, it fits very well, along with the texture overlay that enhances the "old book" impression, which is very fitting for a historical kind of series (✌゚∀゚)☞