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  • Mrs Angel / Downloads and Discussion

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Name:	Mrs_Angel_cover.jpg
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ID:	600946

    Title: Mrs Angel
    Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Slice of Life
    Reading order: Left to right
    Author: Park Se-Jun
    Artist: Acho
    Status in Country of Origin: 43 Chapters - Complete
    Description: A gangster girl in high-school decides it's time to live life properly after graduating by marrying a nice man and living a normal life. However, her past as a gangster constantly threatens to come out from time to time and she has trouble holding back. And when she has a daughter...apples don't fall far from the tree.

    Raws: here

    Project Status:

    Chapter 00 > released
    Chapter 01 > released
    Chapter 02 > released
    Chapter 03 > released
    Chapter 04 > released
    Chapter 05 > released
    Chapter 06 > released
    Chapter 07 > released
    Chapter 08 > released
    Chapter 09 > released
    Chapter 10 > released
    Chapter 11 > released
    Chapter 12 > released
    Chapter 13 > released
    Chapter 14 > released
    Chapter 15 > released
    Chapter 16 > released
    Chapter 17 > released
    Chapter 18 > released
    Chapter 19 > released
    Chapter 20 > released
    Chapter 21 > released
    Chapter 22 > released
    Chapter 23 > released
    Chapter 24 > released
    Chapter 25 > released
    Chapter 26 > released
    Chapter 27 > released
    Chapter 28 > released
    Chapter 29 > released
    Chapter 30 > released
    Chapter 31 > released
    Chapter 32 > released
    Chapter 33 > released
    Chapter 34 > released
    Chapter 35 > released
    Chapter 36 > released
    Chapter 37 > released
    Chapter 38 > released
    Chapter 39 > released
    Chapter 40 > released
    Chapter 41 > released
    Chapter 42 > released
    Chapter 43 > released
    Chapter 44 > released

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  • #2
    As far as these few translated chapters goes, I love it! :D Looking forward to read more. :3


    • #3
      Is this unfinished? The chapters are pretty slow (like once or twice a month), or are you guys busy prioritying other translations?

      I love this series so far and looking forward to reading them. :)


      • #4
        This story can be pretty funny, e.g. when she tied up the one teacher with her husband's underwear and after the end of the chapter it just showed her lying there... lolol

        But I'm kind of bothered by the fact that she's living a lie and that it's clearly only going to bite her in the ass, but she still keeps it up. I know she wants to tell him and every time she does something happens, but dude, if you can't trust your husband to that extent, you shouldn't really be married to him. And he doesn't seem to trust her, either... great relationships are built on lies and mistrust!

        I also still don't understand why she didn't hook up with her hot best friend from high school and instead married a lame fatty, but I'm sure that's to be revealed. Still... IT HAD BETTER BE A DAMN GOOD EXPLANATION! YOU DON'T JUST DITCH A HOT GUY LIKE THAT!! *taken away by Podori* OTL


        • #5
          she wanted to get away from all the fighting and everything that went on in her high school days so she chose to marry someone who looks harmless lol he also has something he hides from her but anymore from me will be spoiling the fun in reading it ^^
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          • #6
            Well, I can understand if she wanted to distance herself from that why she wouldn't hook up with her bud. As expected, he's hiding something from her as well!! He... was born as a woman after all, wasn't he?! Σ(゜ロ゜;)

            And, since I forgot to say it on the last post;; thanks a lot for all the hard work on this project~~


            • #7
              Didn't realize the series is complete (in Korean).
              Question on the RAWs
              Who was that guy at the end and what was his beef with Mrs. Angel? Also what happened with that rich lady and her husband? Did they divorce at the end?


              • #8
                WELL, I'm sure you know now that they didn't get divorced!! //answers already answered question

                I was actually kind of surprised =a=!!