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Shana oh Yoshitsune / Downloads and Discussion

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  • Shana oh Yoshitsune / Downloads and Discussion

    Title: Shana oh Yoshitsune
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical, Shounen
    Author: SAWADA Hirofumi
    Artist: SAWADA Hirofumi
    Reading Order: Right to left
    Status in Country of Origin: 22 Volumes - Complete
    Description: Shana oh Yoshitsune is an alternative story to the popular historical figure Minamoto no Yoshitsune along with his servants, including the renown Benkei who lived in the Heian Era. In this version, Yoshitsune was actually a weak, sickly boy who met an exact body replica in Hyouta, a traveling orphan who earn his living on the street. Being physically stronger, Hyouta was led to become a replacement for Yoshitsune, eventually claiming the name as his own.

    This manga is a fictional story (albeit with many historical references) of his journey to restore the honor of Genji (Minamoto) Clan.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	601065 Click image for larger version

Name:	Download_button_S_blue_light.jpg
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ID:	601066

    Project Status:

    Volume 2
    Chapter 06 > released
    Chapter 07 > released

    Volume 3
    Chapter 08 > released
    Chapter 09 > released
    Chapter 10 > released
    Chapter 11 > released

    Volume 4
    Chapter 12 > released
    Chapter 13 > released
    Chapter 14 > released
    Chapter 15 > released

    Volume 5
    Chapter 16 > released
    Chapter 17 > released
    Chapter 18 > released
    Chapter 19 > released

    Volume 6
    Chapter 20 > released
    Chapter 21 > released
    Chapter 22 > released
    Chapter 23 > released

    Volume 7
    Chapter 24 > released
    Chapter 25 > released
    Chapter 26 > released
    Chapter 27 > released

    Volume 8
    Chapter 28 > released
    Chapter 29 > released
    Chapter 30 > released
    Chapter 31 > released

    Volume 9
    Chapter 32 > released
    Chapter 33 > released
    Chapter 34 > released
    Chapter 35 > released

    Volume 10
    Chapter 36 > released
    Chapter 37 > released
    Chapter 38 > released
    Chapter 39 > released
    Chapter 40 > released

    Volume 11
    Chapter 41 > released
    Chapter 42 > released
    Chapter 43 > released

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    How is the next chapter coming along?
    Men are expendable. Born to protect. Born to die.


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      Not. no tl


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        Really no one is willing to translate this awesome manga? Yet other less impressive manga have several sites translating them :(
        Men are expendable. Born to protect. Born to die.


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          Hey is this manga dropped? because if it is then it would be a waste as it's clearly a good manga and all of its chapters have been released i do hope that this isn't dropped as the only way to read this would be in japenese or indonesian and i can't read either of them at all


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            the last chapter (16) was released a week ago ....sooo no
            You just noticed? You're slow...


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              Originally posted by alexfilia View Post
              the last chapter (16) was released a week ago ....sooo no
              That doesn't mean that its not going to be dropped some people decide that they don't want to translate something anymore and just stop after a update but if what your saying is confirmed and the people who translated it last have no intent of dropping it soon then thank you but do take into consideration that I enjoy this manga and would find it to be important if it was going to be dropped a week after the last release. and it doesn't make me a idiot for thinking so.


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                Thank you very much!!


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                  Hi there, I just caught up to this manga and I'm extremely sad that you guys have dropped this title right when it gets so good.

                  I don't want to sound too braggish/arrogant but would you guys please consider picking it up again if I donate/purchase per chapter or per volume basis?

                  Thank you very much :)


                  • #10
                    It doesn't work that way...

                    We need a TLer who actually want to do it, but Shana is an Historical manga which means that it is very hard to do.
                    That is also the reason why it took so long to even finish the first part in the first place...
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                      Hi Ell, thanks for responding

                      My point is, maybe you can in turn use the donation to entice/persuade a translator (or more) to do the series. Maybe if you offer them like $10-20 per volume (which I will fund), it might pique their interest.

                      Thanks :)
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                        Well, your offer is out there now.
                        If a TLer who would like to do it says he is willing, then that would be it.
                        Can't really say more than that ^^
                        your crazy cleaner~
                        the project finisher!

                        Goals for this year-
                        1)Finish Amatsuki 137/154
                        2)Finish Embalming 38/58

                        Help make it come true! ^^