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Vairocana / Discussion

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  • Vairocana / Discussion

    Title: Vairocana
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    Reading order: Left to right
    Author: HATO Moa
    Artist: HATO Moa
    Status in Country of Origin: 3 Volumes (Discontinued)
    Description: Awakening an ancient monster from a slumber of almost 400 years has its consequences. The young prince Iska should have known better…But the harm is already done. To rectify his mistake, he is ready for anything. Resurrected with its myriad of curses and evil powers, the demon Nue will drag Iska into a dangerous quest bordering on a world filled with fantasy creatures.
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    I just discovered you were doing this one, really thank you ! In france we got the first volume and it's really good but they'are not continuing it. And I like it.


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      Ah. There are 3 volumes actually. And they're all French because this series is only in French. The volumes, we got them in Quebec. So I would be surprised to see Vairocana not available in France. Check on, I'm certain you'll find them.

      And yes, I know about the publication issues and all that. It affected Omega Complex and BB Project as well. And well, Moa Hato is a Japanese mangaka, I heard she was doing her work in Japanese and that the French publication would translate it. But it's not available in Japanese. So we're just gonna have to cross ours fingers and hope she finishes her series in a 4th volume or continues it in Japanese.
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        hehe. awesome project <3 I love it!! I wonder what's going to happen :O


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          Hope this series gets picked up by another company, don't know how long since its been discontinued, but it's interesting and deserves at least a few more volumes.
          X ...cause we need some romance