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Young Gun Carnaval / Discussion

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  • Young Gun Carnaval / Discussion

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Name:	younggun_cover.jpg
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ID:	600219
    Title: Young Gun Carnaval
    Genre: Action, Drama, School Life, Seinen
    Reading order: Right to left
    Author: FUKAMI Makoto
    Artist: SATOU Yuuko
    Status in Country of Origin: 5 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Description: High school student Jinpachi Kogure is a member of the manga club and is no good with women. Yumika Testuyoshi is a troubled female high school student who's always skipping school and searching for a girl she doesn't hate. However, these two are in reality young masters of the art of killing people: "Young Guns"


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    Teras posted it in the front page. I, myself, have yet to read it.

    What do YOU think, Claudia?


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      Just a little quibble. First chapter, the gun that Jinpachi uses is an M 14, not M 17

      n case it is mentioned later, the gun used by Yumika is the MP 7

      therwise, great work.


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        Oh who cares about the technicalities of each gun? Pull the trigger and someone dies.


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          Ibizen Thoth, I am the tl on the project. You are quite right, I just rechecked the raw and it is also recorded as an M14 there, I transcribed that incorrectly. I apologize for the error. It will be corrected.
          I hope you enjoy future releases, there should be no more technical errors... I hope.
          Last edited by tallrice; 08-26-2011, 02:05 AM.


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            Originally posted by killerkrill View Post
            Oh who cares about the technicalities of each gun? Pull the trigger and someone dies.
            True for the most part, but if I can do anything to improve the scan's quality with additional input, I would like to think that I would try. It's a good way to put my useless knowledge of firearms to use.



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              wow this manwha rocks ! it's fast and the action is great !! thanks for this work ^^


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                Just for people who were following this series and interested in the background, the manga is a serialization that covered the first 2 novels by Kukami Makoto. There are 11 volumes of the novels and, due to their success, other than the manga, a set of 4 drama CDs was also made. No plans for an anime that I have heard of though.

                As you can imagine, the story will cover a lot of the points we didn't here too much about, Byoudouin Shuuichi's story, more young guns, the phoenix syndicate and after a certain point, the plot actually takes them international. In fact, the novels actually end in Russia, not in Japan.

                I haven't read the novels, just given them a brief glance... So I can't actually give any details... But I do hope that someone considers translating them at some point, since they are really an amazing piece of work. I suppose we will see what happens.


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                  Two out of eleven...? I so love this series too. There's always hope for novel translations, I guess. I hate when stories don't get finished properly, still drives me nuts the way denpa teki na kanojo was left - they did two out of three parts and just left it.
                  If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform one million realities.
                  --Maya Angelou


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                    Hopefully an anime in the future.