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Zetsuen no Tempest / Downloads and Discussion

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    Just curious how often do you guys release new translated chapters for this? Since I saw that they already have 41 chapters released but you guys have only translated 23 :( Would love too see more of this :D


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      We tried to release this at least once a month, if possibly twice a month. Spare us (coughmecough) for 50 pages per chapter!
      here's the good news, we've got a dedicated translator, Runte and Yuken, for this series. Let's hope we can mantain steady release now :)
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        Thank you so much for the 24th chapter! :D


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          Volumes 3 - 7 raw

          Originally posted by axiaxi View Post
          is this manga droped? last release is a month ago.
          Manga is completed.
          Here's the raws to vol 6-7.
          Having trouble finding 8.
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            i heard the main story will end in japan


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              We are looking for a translator for Zetsuen no Tempest ~

              If anyone is willing to translate it please go to this link here for more info and how to apply ^^



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                Did you get a translator, since a new release is out?


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                  Seems so, since it's in the green on the public project status. Although it seems now it needs a typesetter (;´Д`)

                  This series is pretty interesting. I enjoy watching the back and forth of the characters, as well as them logically figuring things out. It seems as though it would get boring, but it doesn't. Though, when everyone in the story was flipping out about the Tree of Genesis stopping war and violence because ~humanity didn't achieve it for itself~... WHO CARES? ARE YOU SAYING YOU'D RATHER THERE BE RAPE AND MURDER? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??? Humanity clearly is never going to be able to achieve this because in the history of humanity of some hundreds of thousands of years, it hasn't been achieved. Though, I was mollified a bit when they finally showed there were people who actually had brains and realized the Tree of Genesis was awesome.

                  Though this is a theme that's brought up in many stories -- mindless peace vs. free will and wars, this isn't such a case. People can still do what they want, and live how they want -- they just can't kill or hurt others. Oh, yeah, and now there's no starvation or disease. Sorry, but where exactly is the down side to this? The trees are part of nature, and, though they don't know this, a part of the world, so if they have some sort of fear that they're being watched, it's the same as thinking that other trees are watching you. Actually, the problem with this series is that this set-up is TOO perfect. There's no downside to it, besides the fact that humans are idiots and want to go against it. Well, then again, maybe that's the point -- even if there were a perfect system, people would still be too stupid to appreciate it.

                  Actually, I'm in favor of the Tree of Genesis deleting everything to re-make a perfect system, but I think that the current status quo is fine too (huge trunks everywhere, lol).

                  EDIT: Since I forgot;; Thanks a bunch for your work on this series~
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                    I noticed when I went to download the most recent chapter that all of them had about 20~40 downloads... and then the most recent one had 600+...

                    Σ(・ω・`|||) ?!?!?


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                      Originally posted by Ixis View Post
                      I noticed when I went to download the most recent chapter that all of them had about 20~40 downloads... and then the most recent one had 600+...

                      Σ(・ω・`|||) ?!?!?
                      The manga is popularised by the anime. Furthermore, the anime had an alternate cliffhanging ending compared to the manga cuz it was produced while the manga was still ongoing.


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                        I thought that was probably the case, but I thought that the anime had finished airing quite a while ago OTL;;;; Should have checked;;
                        I'm glad that people were interested in it enough to look to the manga -- I know in other cases like this many people just go by the anime and that's it. ^^;