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The Shop with No Name [Request]

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  • The Shop with No Name [Request]

    The Shop with No Name (Korean -> 이름 없는 가게 )
    Synopsis: In a deserted alley traveled by few, is an antique shop. It has no sign, no name. It sells the usual items, but if you believe the rumors, this particular shop also sells undisclosed wish-granting items - for a price, of course. And buyers who fail to follow an item's directions for use will pay an especially high price.

    This is not a Naver webtoon, no one is translating it. And I believe the license for translating it is/will be terminated, which I assume means you might be able to pick it up?
    There are free raws on Toonkor:

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    Although it's no longer licensed, however, the series been discontinued. Something bad happened to the author of the series, so it's a huge cliff-hanger. I don't work for EGS, so it's up to EGS to decide or not to work on it.
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