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    Summary: “ Standing above all and controlling the masses. That is the way of life I aspire to!"

    Ikurumi Akuto is the top of his class in every subject, including sports, and he knows it. The son of a well-known politician, a degree of arrogance is to be expected. But Akuto takes it to a new extreme with his condescending and self-important attitude. The friends he may have had in his elementary years have long since left his side, and it doesn't help matters that his effeminate voice makes him a target of constant ridicule by his "lower class" schoolmates.

    Then Harusaka Nari enters his life, and Akuto's controlling personality is thrown off kilter by the optimistic but manipulating young seiyuu. With his life on the line, he agrees to be a voice in her Anime Research Society's project for the upcoming Cultural Festival... as the female lead?!

    that’s the basic summary of this amazing manga. The MC, Akuto is definitely one of a kind character. The summary doesn’t even portray how amazing and unique THE MC of this manga.

    He is rude, mean but at the same time he’s hard working, pure and well-driven. Even if he was kicked out of his house, he started a live in work as a nurseryman, and all other adversities comes through his way. He’ll do anything to pursue his goal.

    The banters btw each character is extremely hilarious and their growth is amazing. Plus, the life of a ‘seiyuu’. I think it gives us a glimpse here and there of the rigorous training a voice actor does in order to land a role.

    I’ve read all sorts of works and projects of EAS. So I’m aware of how dedicated and hard working this scanlation group. Its just perfection.

    Thats why im really hoping that this group will pickup this gem.

    Currently, the raws is completed already and it has 166 chapters, around 16-18 pages. PLEASE!! Please pick up this manga.