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  • Author's Pun on the Title?

    I'm wondering what the author meant by using the hanja 天年九尾狐(천년구미호) in the title page at the beginning of each chapter.
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    I suspect this is a play on 千年九尾狐(천년구미호) which is how it was chosen to translated to "A Thousand Years Ninetails"

    Since 天(sky heavens) and 千(thousand) both have the same hanja reading of 천 "cheon"
    千年(천년) is 1000 years but 天年(천년) used in the beginning has a different meaning. It means one's natural lifespan.

    Is this referring to Banya and his years in the scroll or that he might want to become a human or is it about Banya and So-yoon and how So-yoon's lifespan is limited as a human? Anyone with better explanation?

    The Civilization Nyanster

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    I think it probably is supposed to mean a lot of things since it's a bit vague. Taken literally, it should mean "The Lifespan of a Ninetails", correct? And so it could mean in general for all ninetails; what it means/what it's like to live as a ninetails. And, specifically about him -- the life he's lived, as well as the life he'll choose (becoming human or a god). I think it could also be there to highlight the difference of the lifespan between a ninetails and a human.
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