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    Originally posted by elleesttrois View Post
    Should I continue to buy new raws for the group? If so, to whom should I deliver them?
    Please do. Please PM Backlash.


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      Was very happy to see the last two chapters but I just want to point out that some of the pages are out of order in the last chapter.

      In Blood and Steel chapter 058 the pages are out of order.
      It should be page: 16, 19, 20 then page 17, 18.


      • #48
        Great work as usual with the latest release; I can't wait for the next!

        I just noticed a minor error: the three character bios on the bottom left corner of the character information page preceding this latest chapter (61) are incorrect. The characters depicted are ones already introduced before and do not match the descriptions below.


        • #49
          Thanks for the new release; it'd been a while, so was afraid you guys might have dropped it.


          • #50
            we are unlikely to drop it at any point, though without a reliable translator, the progress is slow.


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              Hi, Thanks for this amazing manhua.
              I think there is a mistake in the "characters" page 004-005 of volume 12 chapter 61.
              The descriptions for Wudang disciples Xi Xiaoyan and Chen Duxiu are wrong. (They are just copies of the Yang Zhenru description)




              • #52
                Glad to see this series is still going well!


                • #53
                  Wow! Great to see that this series has been activated again. For me, this is a great story, because it reminds me of the Wuxia comics I read as a kid... it has a very "classical" flavour in terms of its themes, the notable exception being the introduction of foreign characters....

                  I read this when you guys first released it a long time ago, so I had to reread it to refresh my memory of what's gone before.

                  Translation note: The translation of 巴蜀 as Prachaub in Chapter 4 is incorrect. It should just be 'Bashu'. Prachaub is a place in Thailand. 巴蜀 is another name for Sichuan Province, because in pre-Qin times, there were two independent kingdoms there, one called, 'Ba' and another called, 'Shu'. Here's the wikipedia article:

                  If you guys need a temporary proof-reader or even translator, feel free to contact me, as I want to support fan translations.


                  • #54
                    Hi, I see that this hasn't been updated in more than a year. Volumes 14 and 15 are out, and according to this blog (+Google translate), volume 16 is on the way. Is there any way I can help restart this project through donations, raw purchases, etc?


                    • #55
                      The problem with this project is that it is missing a Chinese translator.
                      If we had one that loves this as much as you do, then we would have no problem releasing chapters ;-;
                      your crazy cleaner~
                      the project finisher!

                      Goals for this year-
                      1)Finish Amatsuki 137/154
                      2)Finish Embalming 38/58

                      Help make it come true! ^^


                      • #56
                        Haha, I like it enough that I'm seriously considering hiring a freelance translator to get you guys the script for the latest two volumes. Of course, I'd much rather just donate to your group instead if one of your current stable of Chinese translators could be convinced to swing by.