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  • Cleaners [CLOSED]

    This position is currently available to the public. Read the job description below to see if this is the job for you!

    For the Cleaner position you need basic knowledge of photoshop (or a program equivalent to that).

    What a cleaner does is straightening, cropping, levelling, a little redraw and cleaning out the bubbles, all to prepare the files for the typesetter. Unfortunately, we do not have the time or manpower to train anyone from scratch.

    Send your application to joinegs[at] and you'll hear from us as soon as possible! (within 3-7 days)

    Please have this as the Subject of your application email:
    [APPLICATION] -job position- your nick

    And include the following info that we would like to know about you in your application:

    Manga interests?
    What kind of projects you generally like to work with and if there is anything you don't like doing. (Seinen /shounen /shoujo?)

    A specific manga interest?
    Are there any specific EGS projects that you would like to work on? If yes, please tell us which one(s).

    Are you reliable?
    Can we count on you to deliver the project that will be assigned to you or is it in your character to disappear while it's half done?

    The nickname you would like your work to be credited to.

    Are you in any other group(s)? If yes, which one(s)?
    If you are an experienced cleaner, you may skip the test and just show us samples of your previous works.

    Why would you like to join Easy Going scans?
    Tell us a bit about yourself, why you chose our group to apply for that position, and how did you come across our group?
    This makes it easier for us to know exactly what you're interested in doing for us, and will make it faster for YOU to receive a reply!

    We are also looking for a redrawer ~
    Someone to handle tough redraws in different projects ~ He/She will only be doing the redraws ^^
    Drop us an email too if you are interested in this position ~


    Download the EGS cleaner test below:
    Click image for larger versionName:	Download_button_S_blue_light.jpgViews:	9Size:	3.8 KBID:	601033
    Greyscale test instructions

    In the link above, you will find a small 3-page B/W test. Please clean the pages to the best of your abilities ^^

    Tips for B/W cleaning:

    * We are not doing the sfx so don't worry about them
    * Straighten, crop and level the page; clean all the bubbles
    * Page height should be at 1200 px
    * Make sure all the white areas are white and they don't have any dust / noise on them
    * Make sure all the blacks are black and don't have any white dots in them
    * Make sure all the pages are in greyscale mode and not RGB
    * Make sure you do the redraws on the pages.
    * Do NOT denoise on the pages. (It's okay if you don't know what denoise is) ^_^

    When you are done, send us the files back in psd format. Keep the original (raw) in one layer and duplicate it to create a 2nd layer where you do all the edits /cleans.
    (I include here an example on how we want the psd files just in case you don't know)

    Webtoon (color) test instructions
    For this test, we would like you to clean everything.
    When you are done, send us the file back in psd format. Keep the original (raw) in one layer and duplicate it to create a 2nd layer where you do all the edits /cleans.
    * Do not change the page height
    * Do not change the resolution
    * Do not level it

    Important 1: The downloaded files are .rar archives, so you will need a program to open such files, e.g. as winrar or 7-zip for windows, or unrarx for mac.

    Important 2: All the files that you will send us must be in a .rar or .zip format. Upload the files to or (only one of those 2, and send us a link with email)

    Good luck, have fun :D and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

    Hope to hear from you soon
    The Easy Going Team ^^


    We would like to let everyone interested know that we are a nice and warm group with all sorts of “Easy Going” people.

    We are looking for more staff atm, but we are only looking for reliable and trustworthy individuals who are willing to work with us for a long time.

    So if you can see yourself in this description, we would love to have you as long as you pass our test and the trial period.

    Note that Easy Going scans is a NON profitable group so all the staff are doing volunteer work. We do it by the fans for the fans!

    To become a full member at EGS you must pass a trial period of 3-5 chapters. Those chapters will be from our actual series, your choice as to which. They will be released and you will be credited for them.

    EGS full members have complete access to our FTP and can read ahead every project they want

    Also, we would like anyone who apply to us to check their email at least once per day and be familiar with IRC or willing to learn it.

    We'll give a reply to anyone who emails us whether he/she passes the test or not.

    Thank you all!

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    CS5 is the latest photoshop and the best, tho it is a bit heavy.Be worned though that a cleaner is kinda a hard position so you need some practice with that.This page has a lot of useful information so good luck!
    Yay signature!!

    (i was never good with signatures :/)


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      Gimp is fine too ~

      As long as you save it to psd with 2 layers :)


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        Wiiex ~ yes the middle must be fixed.

        A good tutorial about photoshop in general you can find here:


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          I have just updated the cleaner's test

          Just one thing guys ~ Those who do not do the redraws or at least give it a try = AUTO reject.


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            Originally posted by bagong016
            hi, i want to be a cleaner, but i already on another scanlation team, did i need to do the test or just sent my own work?
            If you are in another scanlation team too you need to show us samples of your work in .psd and also released with your name on it. And you can skip the test :)



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              Originally posted by Mango
              Was wondering if anyone can answer this question, as I think only one other person asked here but did not get a response either?
              About denoise In some projects (very few) we use it. Mostly no though!



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                hmm, the test, when you're done, need to be uploaded to or
                then, you send an email, write the application form there, and write the link of the test that you uploaded to mediafire or sendspace
                good luck~
                wait, what?


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                  Originally posted by sejgeh
                  hi... i would like to apply as a Cleaner?....

                  ahm.... is the application form and the cleaner test is together to be pass on? ...
                  The test is in the DOWNLOAD link on the first post. When you've completed the test, upload the file to a file sharing site and send us the link in your email along with your answers to the questions asked.

                  This goes to everyone else as well, but you don't need to post here to announce you're thinking of taking the test, are taking the test, or have taken the test in this thread. If you have a specific question about the test, you can post here or send us an email. Or if you haven't heard back from us in more than 7 days, you can post here to poke us or send another email. Certain emails may be misplaced in the SPAM folder or simply lost and never recieved.
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                    Originally posted by LMW7
                    Before I do anything, I can still try out for the cleaner position right? o.o
                    Of course. Staff are always encouraged to try multiple positions. Er... That didn't come out right.


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                      you can choose only one.
                      leveling a page is using the leveling function in Photoshop for black/white manga. since you wanted to help with a webtoon- you wont need it. do the webtoon test and good luck~
                      your crazy cleaner~
                      the project finisher!

                      Goals for this year-
                      1)Finish Amatsuki 137/154
                      2)Finish Embalming 38/58

                      Help make it come true! ^^


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                        Originally posted by IcyAlice
                        I can't open the file on my mac.....NUUUUUUU!!!
                        The files are compressed, so use a comparable unzipping application to unzip it. There are plenty of free tools online.

               is one of them


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                          OPEN Positions

                          OPEN CL Projects

                          • Americano-Exodus
                          • Choujin Gakuen
                          • Dreamland
                          • Embalming - Another Tale of Frankenstein
                          • Feng Shen Ji 3
                          • Hitogatana
                          • Killer
                          • Kyou Kara Hitman
                          • My Shiny World
                          • Pochi Kuro
                          • Shigatsu: Coda
                          • Stravaganza - Isai no Hime
                          • Psychometrer
                          • The Lawless
                          • Yongbi the Invincible
                          • and a couple of new series...
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                            We are getting quite a few applications that have only bubble cleaning in the test. We require all Cleaners to display a small amount of redraw skills. The ones in the Webtoon, Black/White, and colored test are all standard pages that our cleaners work on without a redrawer's assistance.

                            Any applications with incomplete redraws will be automatically rejected.

                            Please review the cleaner guides in this forum for some tips on cleaning and redrawing.


                            • 3 Layers only - Levels Layer, Cleaned Layer, RAW layer
                            • Make sure the page is straigtened and properly cropped
                            • Resized to 1200 pixels and Resolution 300 DPI
                            • Gray Scale Mode
                            • Double Page needs to be redrawn and merged
                            • All else Narration on background must be redrawn as well.

                            Colored Manhua
                            • 3 Layers only - Levels Layer, Cleaned Layer, RAW layer
                            • Make sure the page is straigtened and properly cropped
                            • Resized to 1400 pixels and Resolution 300 DPI or you can leave it to 72 DPI
                            • RGB Mode
                            • Page 1-2: All black text on the background need to be redrawn
                            • Page 3, 5th panel: Orange-Red text needed to be redrawn

                            • Please attempt to redraw everything in the test so that we can assess your skill level.


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                              OPEN Projects

                              • Americano-Exodus
                              • Embalming - Another Tale of Frankenstein
                              • Feng Shen Ji 3
                              • Hitogatana
                              • Killer
                              • Kyou Kara Hitman
                              • Psychometrer
                              • Stravaganza - Isai no Hime
                              • Psychometrer
                              • The Lawless
                              • Yongbi the Invincible