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  • Cleaners guide

    Every clean must be in .psd format
    The psd should include 2 layers: 1 layer the raw and 2nd layer the cleaned version

    For normal manga:
    -> Page height should be 1200pixels
    -> image resolution you leave the resolution as it is whether is 300 dpi or 170 or 72 ~ you do not touch this

    For webtoons:
    -> The page height varies from 800-2000 height while the width stays as it is for each webtoom

    You do not level, resize or alter the image size on webtoons at all.
    Only cleaning the bubbles and crop where it needs to be.

    Naming the folder
    Example for normal manga: Heat_v1_ch01_CL[Your_nick_here]
    Example for webtoons: Crepuscule_ch01_CL[Your_nick_here]

    Naming the pages inside the Folder
    Example for normal manga: Heat_v1_ch01_p001
    Example for webtoons: Crepuscule_ch01_p01

    How to rename fast and easy guide here

    -> There are some series that we clean the sfx and some we dont so ask before starting to clean out everything!
    -> Do not clean any "..." or "!!!" if a bubble ONLY contains those. We leave those as they are.


    Below there is a guide about how I (Claudia) do the cleaning ^^
    I will try to make it easy and understandable to everyone :)

    So 1st things 1st is the
    When you clean anything make sure you view it at least 200% zoom in the page.

    Cropping / Rotate
    This is important ~ because I keep finding uncropped and twisted pages
    When you open a page the 1st thing you check is to see if it needs rotating to straighten it up and ofc to crop it after wards.


    Cleaning the bubbles
    Ctrl + J = Dublicates the layer

    Note that this is the way I do it. There are various other ways out there but I found this the fastest-

    Cleaning the dust / noise on blacks and whites

    Redrawing and webtoon guide by epimeliad here

    Photoshop shortcuts that its good to know
    Ctrl + J = Dublicates the layer
    Ctrl + Shift+N = Creates New layer
    Ctrl + E = Merge the layer that is currently selected with the layer below it
    Ctrl + + = Zooms in the page
    Ctrl + - = Zooms out the page
    Ctrl + 0 (zero) = shows the page to fit in screen
    Ctrl + 1 (zero) = shows the page actuall pixels
    Space bar + mouse left click = You can move in the page areas without zooming out
    "B" = Brush tool
    "E" = Erase tool
    "V" = Picker tool
    "L" = Lasso tool
    "M" = Marquee tool
    [ and ] = Increase or reduse the brush size of any tool you have on

    I made this guide for Easy Going members
    If I think something more I will add it at a later time^^ Until then Enjoy ^^

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    Re: Cleaners guide

    Thanks, I had already read a tut but this one is better ^^
    I still like to use the brush for cleaning noise in white parts, if you use the dodge tools --> the black lines get lighter.


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      Re: Cleaners guide

      Although my limited days with all of you and EGScans I went around and stomped innocent newbs with way to advanced tutorials into the ground(actually only if asked).
      To prevent this Claudia took measures and now I'm putting up this tutorial for general use.

      Note this tutorial is only for grayscale.

      What I will link you to is the Beginners guide and a Photoshop tool guide. The Photoshop tool guide I included mainly because of the clone stamp tool.

      Beginners Guide

      Photoshop Tool Guide

      There are many other nice tutorials on this page but most are for advanced photoshop users. Many of the introduced techniques are aimed at bad raws so as long as you work with our HQ Raws there is no real need for most of them.
      But still you might risk a glance and I belive there are even some things that experienced cleaners might pick up.
      So enough introductions. Have fun learning new stuff.
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        heres a video i've found on youtube about a new tool in CS5

        with only around 2 clicks you can redraw things.. very very easy ^^ like magic

        of course it doesnt work on every redraw and it might not be perfect everytime but it still saves a lot of time
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          Apparently Photoshop CS2 is free legally if you register at Adobe here.

          Here's another good guide for editing: Idiots Guide To Editing


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            Step 3 link looks broken.



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              I wish to possibly become a cleaner, or proofreader. But, I'm a full-time student. what are the "working hours" for a cleaner? Is it possible for me to be part-time?



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                There are no working hours. You do it when you can, but just me wondering- what is a full-time student?

                Also, how much it takes for a chapter depends on how fast you are and what project you are doing (long or short chapters)
                your crazy cleaner~
                the project finisher!

                Goals for this year-
                1)Finish Amatsuki 137/154
                2)Finish Embalming 38/58

                Help make it come true! ^^


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                  Thanks for your reply :) that really helps.

                  A full-time student is someone who studies about 5 days a week when a part-time student is someone who goes in about 3 days a week. It depends on the schedule. I'm in uni, and as you get in higher years, the "less" days a week you need to come in. So I'm doing something similar to an MA, and I have 1 and a half days of class on my schedule but I usually end up going in every day if necessary due to the workload of the deadlines. Besides its useful to go to classes which are not your own sometimes as it can help your research.